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Free woodworking plans of jigs, tips & tricks, and much more!

Are you a (beginning) DIYer or a maker?
Do you want to build out your workshop with homemade woodworking jigs?
Are you looking for tips and tricks to make woodworking easier?

With the FREE woodworking plans of the many jigs on my blogs, you can start building out or improve your own workshop.

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How to build a woodworking workshop

This category is all about building a workshop. 

From small jigs up to larger workshop improvements, you will find some inspiration for your workshop here.

Build them yourself thanks to the many FREE woodworking plans!

Make your own furniture and home decorations

If you want to make your own furniture or home decorations, then this category is something for you.

Woodworking tips & tricks

This category contains tips and tricks to make woodworking go easier.

Over here you can also find blogs about comparing tools and materials.

Free woodworking plans

On most of my blogs you will find free woodworking plans to build the jigs yourself. 
They have always been free and will stay free forever.

Download as much as you need!

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Some interesting links

Sketchup: A free to download software to design all your projects.
Maxcut V2: Get the most out of a sheet of plywood with this free to download software.
Woodprofits: Learn how to earn an extra income from woodworking.

Set up a workshop on a budget
Christofix woodworking DIY maker free plans set up a workshop on a budget

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FREE E-Book: 7deadly mistakes woodworkers make setting up shop


Building a workshop can be tough with a lot of trial and error.
I know because I was there too. 

Thanks to this training, You will get better insights into building a (small) workshop and spending your budget more efficiently.

With the free E-Book 7 Deadly Mistakes Woodworkers Make When Setting Up a Shop, you’ll get a glimpse of what to expect from this training in addition to the 7 tips.

Highly recommended to all my fellow DIYers and makers.

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