What to give a woodworker _ 10 best gift ideas under $25

Best gifts for woodworkers: 10 woodworking gifts under $25

Finding a gift under a certain budget can be a daunting task. Finding gifts for woodworkers is even more specific and more difficult, especially if you’re not familiar with woodworking.

So, what the hell should you give?

Luckily, you stumbled upon this list of great woodworking gift ideas, and they’re all under $25 on top of that.

In a matter of minutes, you will find inspiration in this woodworking gift ideas list for the perfect woodworking gift or an item you can treat yourself to at a low price.

The 10 woodworking gifts under $25 you are about to discover in this article are:

  • Fastcap glue bot glue bottle
  • Japanese flush cut saw
  • Woodworking books
  • Metal detector
  • Kreg MKA2900 multi-mark (my favorite)
  • Corner wood chisel
  • Pipe clamps
  • Router bit set
  • Moisture meter
  • Wood glue (simple but strong gift)

With an item from this list of gift ideas for woodworkers, I am sure you will score twice.
First, the person who gets to receive one of these items will love it. I know this for sure because this list is a compilation of tools I already own and tools I would like to get as a present myself.

Second, you will love it because you can stay under a budget of only $25.

Discover all of these lovely goods in this article, where I provide a little description of each one so that you can quickly understand what it’s all about and make an informed decision.

There is also a present that you may offer absolutely for free among these suggestions. To learn how to achieve this, please read this article. This free present, I guarantee you, might be quite valuable to the woodworker who receives it.

The strategy you can use to know what to give to a woodworker

Purchasing something you don’t understand might be challenging. Fortunately, woodworkers are simple to grasp, and you can locate something to buy for them far more quickly than you may expect.

You shouldn’t be too concerned since even if you get something they already own, it will be a wonderful addition to their collection.

This simplifies the strategy for buying anything for a woodworker by considering what they always use and how it might make their life simpler.
Items that they can use to measure, mark, glue, and cut are always welcome.

Oh yeah, and one more thing: clamps, woodworkers can never have enough clamps. There’s a saying that no matter how many clamps you have in your workshop, you’ll always be one short.

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10 Best Gifts for Woodworkers

Gift idea 1 | fastcap glue bot glue bottle

What to give a woodworker _ 10 best gift ideas under $25

Wood glue is an essential component of any woodworking business. Original bottles, on the other hand, can become filthy rapidly and are quite fussy to use. It’s necessary to hold it upside down and shake it till the glue reaches the nozzle.

This Fastcap glue bot glue bottle is fantastic and the perfect solution to this issue. All you have to do is squeeze the glue out at any angle. It helps you save a lot of time in the woodshop!

The GluBot from FastCap was created by and for furniture makers and woodworkers. They’re simple to fill, don’t dribble, and release adhesive both horizontally and vertically. They’ll be the most skilled glue bottle carvers they’ve ever had.

Gift Idea 2 | Japanese flush cut saw

4 Woodworking hand saws you should own _ Cost-effective guide

The most commonly used handsaws are saws that cut materials by pushing and are therefore called “push saws”.

These Japanese saws cut materials by pulling and are therefore called ‘pull saws’.

Compared to “push saws”, “pull saws” are lighter, require less power and the resulting edge is cleaner.

If you want to go deeper in detail about the differences between a western hand saw and a Japanese hand saw, check out my article, should I buy western or Japanese hand saws.

The ideal item for people who love a fine finish.

Gift Idea 3 | Woodworking books

Okay, books may not be tools, but they do contain a huge source of knowledge.

You can have a workshop full of tools, but if you don’t know what to do with them or don’t have the right techniques, tools are useless.

Give yourself or someone else a book to relax after a long day of hard work to learn all about woodworking.

These are some recommended books with great value:

Gift Idea 4 | Metal detector

7 simple ways to find free lumber & make more profit

What’s worse than hitting metal with a brand-new saw blade?

An invisible screw or nail hitting the blade can cause the blade to become blunt, or worse, be thrown in the trash.

With this tool, you can check with a simple swing whether there is metal present in the wood.

This item is perfect for those who handle their power tools with great care or those who make lots of projects with reclaimed wood.

Gift Idea 5 | Kreg MKA2900 multi-mark (must have for any woodworker)

What to give a woodworker _ 10 best gift ideas under $25

Draw parallel lines? Marking the same dimensions repeatedly? Set the depth of your saw blade? 
Then I recommend this super handy tool.

I own the Kreg KMA2900 Multi-Mark myself, and as you can see in many of my YouTube videos, this multi-mark tool is always in my pockets.

Just turn the knob open, slide the ruler, tighten the knob, and voilà, the multi-marker is set. 
This handy tool is light and strong and has a built-in level
Buying this was worth every penny.

That is why I recommend it to any woodworker.

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Gift Idea 6 | Corner wood chisel

What to give a woodworker _ 10 best gift ideas under $25

Many woodworkers love to use routers. This power tool has become increasingly popular in the last couple of years.

The only problem with working with a router is that a straight router bit leaves a “rounded” corner. To fix this, you can use this corner chisel to chisel out the corners of your hollow hinge recesses quickly, easily, and accurately.

A handy tool for people who make many cupboards, door lock recesses, picture frames, and many other applications where there is a 90-degree corner needed.

Gift Idea 7 | Pipe clamps

What to give a woodworker _ 10 best gift ideas under $25

You can never have enough clamps in your workshop.
Ask any woodworker and they will agree.

With these quality pipe clamps from Bessey, you can determine the opening yourself based on the length of the pipe you use.

These clamps are therefore ideal for clamping large parts.

Gift Idea 8 | Router bit set

What to give a woodworker _ 10 best gift ideas under $25

If you want to work on the edges of wood or mill a slot, the range of router bits is huge.

With this set, you give an item in which the most common router bits are present.

If you want to give an item to someone who likes to make beautiful finishes, then this is the item you are looking for.

Gift Idea 9 | Moisture meter

5 helpful tips about wood you MUST know BEFORE building things amazon (2)

Wood must be perfectly dry if you want to work with it. 
After all, you don’t want the wood to crack as it dries out.

To determine the moisture content of wood and other building materials (such as plasterboard), you can check this with this simple device. 
This way, you know how high the moisture content is and whether the wood can be used properly.

Gift Idea 10 | Wood glue

As the last one in my list of woodworking gifts under $25, I can recommend you buy wood glue to give a woodworker.

I think wood glue is the most rewarding present you can get. Most projects require wood glue, and some projects can sometimes take literally a few gallons.

So, you don’t know what to buy for a woodworker? Then buy wood glue.

Any woodworker will be happy with this item.

Check out some of the most used wood glues here:

Bonus woodworking gift ideas

Do you want to give a woodworker the perfect item that costs you nothing?

Just provide the link to this website!

Here every woodworker can discover new projects every weekdownload free building plans, or read interesting blogs with tips and tricks.

Another great idea can be a t-shirt, hoody, or coffee mug with a fun woodworking quote. In my webshop, you can find some fun woodworking items. Go check them out here.

Purchasing them will provide you with a one-of-a-kind gift, as well as enable me to keep offering free information on my website.

Do you need more inspiration?

Then you should check out some other blogs I have written.

Maybe you will get inspired to find the perfect gift for woodworkers from my blog: 9 Essential power tools to start woodworking successfully. In that blog, you will get an overview of the 9 best power tools for any woodworker.

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I hope this information on how to choose the best gifts for woodworkers was helpful, and that these woodworking gift ideas inspire you.

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