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Thank you 10.000 times!

I never thought this could all happen when I uploaded my first video to YouTube exactly 2 years ago.

10K subscribers, that’s a lot of people!

Because I am grateful to each of these 10,000 people, and also all future subscribers, I want to give something back through this giveaway as gratitude.

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What I'll give away

5x support champ memberships
Length of membership: 1 year
Value €239 / $283 each

what is included in the membership

Because Patreon and YouTube do not allow memberships to be given away for free, I circumvent this by personally giving you all the benefits.

This includes:

1 year long, from January 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021.

  • Your name in both the middle and the end screens of all my videos + in the descriptions (if you want to promote your channel or website please also include your link, this will be included in the description with each video).
  • Access to the exclusive pages where you can download the 3D model files of all plans that are uploaded during the membership.
  • Monthly one to one Google Meet live chat for half an hour, where you can ask me anything about woodworking or how I make my videos.

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The 5 winners are:

Greg Carthew,
Caroline Parsley,
Bas Broekhuis,
Thomas Murphy,
Tommy Allen.

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