5 Must-have easy to build woodworking jigs|FREE PLANS

5 Must-have easy to build woodworking jigs|FREE PLANS

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Woodworking jigs, there are so many of them. 
But which woodworking jigs should you definitely have? Which are important? Which are essential?

With these 5 must-have easy to build woodworking jigs, I want to show you a few examples of  woodworking jigs that will come in very handy while working in your workshop. 

They are very simple jigs to make and you can download the free plans and use them as a guide to make them yourself.

These 5 woodworking jigs are perfect for a woodworking beginner but maybe the more experienced woodworker will be inspired here too.

That’s what I did too.
Start with simple woodworking jigs like the 5 jigs in this blog. 

They are easy and cheap to make. You don’t need much material and you can use pieces of scrap wood for it. 

By making these jigs you will be able to work more accurately on your next projects and you can use them to make new or other woodworking jigs. 
This way you can build up your workshop. 

That was my vision when I started woodworking and I still think the same way.

5 must have easy to build woodworking Jigs | FREE PLANS

Watch the video here

Before we start building​

To prepare you for building this project, I have made a few handy lists.

In addition to a few personal protective equipment that I use*, I also list the materials as well as the (power) tools you will need to build this jig.

* Safety is always your own responsibility!

Safety first! Protect yourself!

Materials I used for these woodworking jigs

(power)Tools I used for these woodworking jigs

Jig 1 | Table Saw Depth Gauge​

This woodworking jig is so simple but ingenious.

It is nothing but a wooden block with different recesses. 
These recesses represent the most used depth settings for my workshop.

For this block, I took depths of 18mm (the thickest size of plywood I use) 12mm, 6mm, and 3mm.

If I have to set the table saw, for example, to make dado cuts, then I can simply set the right size with this block without having to mess with a ruler.

To make it even easier for me, I placed the measurements on the block. 
By punching the letters and numbers in the wood, then painting and sanding them back, the size is now clearly visible.

Handy, isn’t it?

5 must have easy to build woodworking Jigs | FREE PLANS

Jig 2 | Right Angle Clamping Jig​

You may recognize this. 
You must connect two boards at right angles to each other. 
With one hand you hold the square, with the other hand the upright board … and then you have one hand short to screw or nail.

This is a thing of the past with these handy angle clamping jigs. 

You clamp them with spring clamps or one hand clamps in the provided openings and you have both hands free to screw. 
In addition, you are sure that the boards are connected at right angles to each other.

The advantage of these right-angle clamping jigs is that you can use them both in the inside corner and the outside corner because of their shape.

5 must have easy to build woodworking Jigs | FREE PLANS

Jig 3 | Frame Clamps

For the frame clamps, I used the wood I had left over when making the right angle clamping jig.

This frame clamp is a combination of this small part and the right angle clamping jig. 
This small part will be placed in the inner corner of the frame. 
For the outer corner, you can use the right angle clamp. 

This way you only need to make 1 part and you can use the right angle clamping jig for 2 applications.

The frame clamp has a recess in which you can place a clamp. By pulling the 2 parts together, the connection of the frame will be tightened.

Also, note the recesses in the inner and outer corners. Make sure you apply these. If you are going to glue and tighten frames, the glue will come out of the joint. 

If this recess is not there, your jig will be glued on to the frame, and you don’t want that.

5 must have easy to build woodworking Jigs | FREE PLANS

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Jig 4 | Sanding Board

This jig is perhaps the simplest of the woodworking jigs on this list, but I use it so much in my workshop that I definitely find it worth recommending.

To clamp the sanding board to my workbench or to hold it when I want to sand something that spins on my drill press (see the demonstration in my video), I made a simple handle on this sanding board.

The sandpaper is attached to the sanding board with an adhesive spray.

To be able to easily replace the sandpaper, I first stick some painter’s tape to the sanding board. I then spray the glue on the painter’s tape. 

In this way, the sandpaper does not come off during use, but replacement is super fast without leaving adhesive residue on the sanding board.

5 must have easy to build woodworking Jigs | FREE PLANS

Jig 5 | Vertical Drilling Jig

Have you ever had to drill into a workpiece that didn’t fit under your drill press?

Then this simple jig is the solution.

You turn the drill press table aside and place this jig on it.
Simply clamp your workpiece against these jig, position, and drill.

This jig is very easy to make. 
Make sure that the connections you make are perpendicular, otherwise, this will affect the correctness of the drilling.

I made the connections with wood glue and brad nails. If you do not have a nail gun, you can use ordinary nails or screws.


If you consider buying a nail gun, be sure to watch the video in which I review my Makita AF505N.
I have have used this nailgun for almost every project since I bought it, so I can highly recommend buying one.

5 must have easy to build woodworking Jigs | FREE PLANS

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