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9 Essential Woodworking power tools for a successful startup


Starting woodworking can be daunting, especially when it comes to identifying the essential power tools you need to purchase. When browsing the seemingly endless aisles of power tools at your local hardware store, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and wonder which are the necessary woodworking beginner tools.

As a beginner, you may find yourself asking questions like: “What woodworking power tools do I need to get started?” or “Which woodworking tool is the most useful?” In this blog, I will share my personal experiences and offer guidance to help answer these questions and inspire you.

I will detail how I built my own workshop and completed all of my woodworking projects using just nine essential power tools. By following this guide, you can save both time and money, as you will no longer have to search for answers or purchase unnecessary tools.

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What are woodworking power tools

Woodworking power tools are precision instruments crafted to make woodworking faster and more accurate. These tools utilize electricity, compressed air or combustion to power them and provide a helping hand to passionate carpenters.

Woodworking machines have transformed the industry, enabling faster and more precise work. But there is potential for injury if proper safety guidelines are not followed. Consequently, it is crucial to adhere to precautionary measures when utilizing these tools.

The purpose of woodworking power tools

Woodworking power tools are designed to streamline general carpentry activities, improving both speed and accuracy. For instance, a table saw can quickly and precisely cut wood in ways that a handsaw could not. Likewise, routers are ideal for producing intricate patterns and designs which would take far longer to achieve manually via carving.

What are the drawbacks of woodworking power tools

Woodworkers must be mindful of a few drawbacks associated with using power tools, even though there are a range of advantages to be gained from them.

  • Cost: Power tools for carpentry can be cost prohibitive, particularly when you need to acquire numerous instruments for a single undertaking.
  • Learning curve: Acquiring the proficiency to competently use power tools requires patience and effort. To ensure safety, it is essential to follow the guidelines and take all necessary preventative measures, which can be quite drawn-out.
  • Safety: Power tools contain components that rotate quickly and often possess sharp edges, creating a potential for harm if the user makes contact. Such rapid spinning parts can inflict severe injuries.
  • Noise: Power tools for woodworking are quite noisy and can lead to auditory damage if the necessary protective measures are not taken.
  • Dust and debris: Power tools create a lot of debris and dust particles which can cause damage to one’s health if breathed in. To protect oneself, it is essential to use protective equipment and ensure proper ventilation.
  • Dependence on electricity: Professional Woodworking power tools depend heavily on electricity in order to operate, but this may cause difficulties during a blackout or in areas with limited electrical supply.

9 Essential Woodworking power tools for a successful startup

I am not going to discuss any hand tools, you can see that in another blog on my website: My top 10 recommended basic woodworking hand tools. In this blog, I only want to talk about the must have power tools.

Based on my projects from the past year, which you can follow on my YouTube channel, I have listed up my most used power tools. So let’s dive in and I’ll show you my 9 recommend professional woodworking tools!

Woodworking Power Tools #1: The Table Saw

Experimental adjustable miter sled _ Any angle _ Perfect miter cuts _ FREE PLANS

I consider my table saw to be the basic power tool in my workshop for all my woodworking projects, whether it be sawing sheets or making grooves. It is versatile, powerful, and fast. Sawing wood with the table saw is easy and efficient, especially when you have to cut the same sizes repeatedly.

Since this power tool is used for any project, it is placed central in my workshop. When buying a table saw, look for a slightly advanced model with a cast iron table and good dust collection port.

Check out my videos “Unboxing Makita MLT100 Table saw” and “Makita MLT100 review + bonus how to make an easy mobile station” I made about my makita Table saw.

Find your new table saw by clicking the pictures

Woodworking Power Tools #2: The Cordless drill

Experimental adjustable miter sled _ Any angle _ Perfect miter cuts _ FREE PLANS

Cordless drills are available in different power, dimensions, and speed. I put the cordless drill on the list because it is one of the most used and versatile tools in my workshop. You can drill holes with it, but you can also turn screws and bolts.

The cordless drill can be divided into two main types. One is a hammer drill and the other is a brushless drill. A hammer drill is characterized by a rotating and beating movement. This type of drill is ideal for situations where you have to drill into masonry or bricks.

Pro Tip

Need inspiration to know what drill bits to buy for your woodworking workshop? Check out my blog – 7 Essential types of drill bits for woodworking – and save on your budget by buying only the drill bits you really need.

Find your new cordless drill by clicking the pictures

Woodworking Power Tools #3: The Random orbital sander​

A clear sandpaper grit chart & guide

The advantage of this type of sander is that you own a sander that does not cause a pattern on the surface of whatever you sand. This means you don’t have to worry about the grain direction. 

Compared to a traditional sander with the same sandpaper, the sander with orbital motion will remove more than a regular sander. Instead of a single axis to turn on, the shank of the device rotates and moves to provide a unique scratch pattern.

If you want to know which sandpaper to use for your project, be sure to check out my blog “The perfect sandpaper grit guide“. There is a handy free downloadable guide available.

Find your new sander by clicking the pictures

Woodworking Power Tools #4: The Circular Saw

Make THIS low costs DIY Circular Saw Guide! FREE PLANS

There are corded circular saws and cordless. If you choose a corded circular saw, you can choose between a traditional or a heavy-duty model. As a DIY-er, you have enough power on a traditional saw and it is easy to handle.

My circular saw is usually used for sawing large sheets of plywood that are difficult to saw with the table saw. For more accurate cuts I use my track saw.

Find your new circular saw by clicking the pictures

Woodworking Power Tools #5: The Router

Table saw miter jig for the crosscut sled _ FREE PLANS

A wood router is a handy power tool with which you can mill pieces from wood. Routing involves drilling into a piece of wood and making long straight or curved cuts from the starting position.

With straight and 45 degrees router bits, I use this router the most. With this, I update the sharp edge of my workpieces in a fast and clean way. The router is highly recommended to have in the workshop. Some models can even be mounted in a router table.

Find your new router by clicking the pictures

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Woodworking Power Tools #6: The Miter Saw

How to make a Makita table saw fence upgrade for better results

A table saw can do almost anything a miter saw can, but the miter saw is capable of doing those things faster. With the miter saw you can make much more oblique cuts.

If you want to cut longer boards, the miter saw will also do better than the table saw. After purchasing a table saw it is a good idea to go for a miter saw. These two tools can be perfectly combined, making every type of cut possible in your workshop. Tip: This tool makes a lot of dust, make sure you have it connected to the dust collector.

Find your new miter saw by clicking the pictures

Woodworking Power Tools #7: The Nail gun

Make THIS low costs DIY Circular Saw Guide! FREE PLANS

This is without a doubt the best power tool I have ever bought. The small nails are super handy to quickly connect two parts together.

I use the nailgun most when gluing wood. To prevent the parts from sliding due to the glue, I quickly attach them together with a brad nail. I can highly recommend the purchase of a nail gun. Check out the review video I made on my Makita nailgun

Find your new nail gun by clicking the pictures

Woodworking Power Tools #8: The Jigsaw

Sheep Toilet Paper Holder

A Jigsaw uses a reciprocating blade that moves up and down. The small saw blade makes it possible to cut round shapes or curves. The speed can be adjusted according to the needs of the user and the type of material to be cut.

The jigsaw is used to cut metal, wood, plastic, and other materials. I have a more in-depth article about jigsaw blades. Don’t miss it, and always have the best jigsaw blade for the project you are working on.

Jigsaws can be corded or cordless. To find out the differences between them and to buy the one that fits your needs, you should check out my article The Great Debate: Corded Vs Cordless Jigsaw – Which One To Buy? where i compare these two types of jigsaws.

Find your new jigsaw by clicking the pictures

Woodworking Power Tools #9: The Drill Press

Genius router jig _ Discover new possibilities _ FREE PLANS

Last but certainly not least is the drill press. If you want to drill perfectly perpendicular holes, this power tool is indispensable in the workshop. This type of drill have a variable speed control that is constant. That is difficult to do with a portable drill.

A huge advantage of this tool is that in my workshop I also use it as a drum sander to sand wood in addition to drilling holes (check out the video how I made mu drum sander here). This makes it a versatile power tool.

Find your new table saw by clicking the pictures


This was my top 9 recommended basic woodworking power tools that I use in my workshop. With this list of must have power tools, I am able to handle practically any project.

You can adjust this list to the power tools you need for your projects or add tools like the belt sander, thickness planer, and so much more. You can use this blog as a basis and edit it until you have the perfect list of power tools for your workshop.

I recently switched the powertools in my workshop to Festool because they can offer the results I want from my tools. However, Festool is rather expensive. Each has to decide if this brand is worth it for their shop. That is why iI recommend you to read my article Is Festool Worth It? the Essential Info You’re Looking For next.

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I hope this information on how to find the best beginner woodworking power tools was helpful, and that this blog and video inspires you.

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