About me

About me: Who is Christofix?

Hi, my real name is Christophe, and it all started in the last months of 2018 when I picked up an old hobby, woodworking.

I care a lot about nature.
My education and work experience of more than 20 years in nature management is an example of this.

By picking up woodworking, I wanted to use that love for nature elements and create unique items.
Out of respect for wood, other materials, and our environment, I had the idea to reuse as many materials as possible.

That’s why I started converting my small garage into a woodworking workshop.
My goals were to make
 woodworking jigs to help me make wooden decorative interior items.

2018 was also the moment when I got a new hobby: video, and photography. 
I had admired this for years, but had never done anything with.
I started learning how to film and edit and shared my adventures in the workshop online.

That’s how my YouTube channel was born.

Now, with this website, I want to inform my viewers even more.
I want to do that by writing blogs with step-by-step instructions and free plans of the stuff I build in my videos, and blogs that can inspire you into woodworking, building a workshop, and making your own furniture.

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About me | How I started woodworking

Christofix About me How I started woodworking

In this section, I’ll tell you more about how I got into woodworking and made it my profession.

I did have a background in working with wood, but my knowledge was minimal.

So if I wanted to retrain, I had to look for information.

The internet and YouTube were the best places to learn. After looking at some content, I started to organize my workshop as efficiently as possible. 

I have to admit that I made several mistakes here.
To save others from this, the idea came to share my experiences.

At first, I did what I thought was best to build out my workshop, now knowing that I lost a lot of money there.

If I had found the online course the ultimate small workshop the moment I started setting up my workshop, I could have saved so much more.

That is why I recommend this course.
The smart ones among my readers have already seized the opportunity and bought the education, just like me.

I don’t just recommend this course, I do it because it really works!
The investment is so low that you can earn it back within a few days.
After that, it’s pure profit.
All without years of trying and failing.

My idea when starting a woodworking workshop was that I wanted to sell profitable products.
With that idea in mind, I accidentally stumbled upon the woodworking course wood profits.

The knowledge I have gained through this path has been very helpful.
This has resulted in a successful income from the sale of handmade products.

But selling things online is not a game, and there is a lot involved.

That is why I started looking for a way to support myself in that process.
I signed up for the online marketing classroom

This is a course that takes you to step by step through the entire process.
The entry price made me doubt it at first. Luckily I did take the course, because much better results made that investment return several times.
Now I know for sure, this course is well worth its price.

That’s how I’ve made it so far.

If you’re inspired by my story, and you’re thinking, hey, I have the dream of doing this too, know that if you can dream it, you can do it!

I think the best tips I can give you for starting a woodworking business is to go ahead and take these 3 recommended courses for great results.

They have helped me grow in the process of turning my woodworking hobby into an income.

About me | My video/photography story

Christofix About me My video/photography story

As I mentioned before, video and photography have  fascinated me for years. I just love how you can tell a whole story with one photo or a few images.

The first video I ever made was a very simple time-lapse where you can see how we sowed the grass.

To our surprise, people watched that video.
So why not try again?
Every time we did some projects in my brother’s garden, we set up the camera and filmed what we did.

But I saw more potential than just time-lapse videos.
In my mind were the beautifully edited videos that I had already watched on YouTube.
I wanted that too!

After a while, I changed the subject from landscaping to woodworking.

From that moment on, I was really passionate about making videos.
Every free moment of time, I searched on the internet and I went looking for what I needed as the basic material.

I was able to use a camera from my parents, for which I am extremely grateful to them.
A bought myself a tripod and with these 2 items I had the basic material to film.
Later I bought new filming equipment step by step. That equipment is still growing. 
Interested in all the gear I use? Check out my Amazon store.

After some research, I learned that there were editing programs that were free to use.
I downloaded Hitfilm Express and taught myself how to work with it.
Later I switched to Davinci Resolve, which I personally prefer to use.
The Desktop I use for editing has a video card that is powerful enough to edit images smoothly. That is something you should look at when purchasing.
The monitor I use is widescreen. That way I have a good overview during mounting.

After a lot of practice, I managed to edit a video more and more. But, I was not satisfied with the quality of the images I shot. I was unable to learn how to film better quality. It was too complicated to find the right settings for my camera as a complete novice.

Until one day, I got a tip on how you can quickly take perfect images with any camera. As a result, I got to know my camera better and also the techniques for filming. That’s how I got better and more images that I could use in my videos.

You must know, I barely took a photo before and never filmed anything. So, it is perfectly possible to learn as a complete novice how to work with a camera fast. 

Thanks to that photography and videography course, and through practice, I will always try to improve quality in the future.