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With my website, I want to give you the
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I can help YOU!

As a woodworker who has a small workshop myself, I know how difficult it can be to make the best use of space or find answers to many woodworking questions.

With this website and my YouTube channel, I aim to provide you with information on how to build an efficient workshop, jigs, handmade tools, furniture, and home decor.
To help you even more, many of these step-by-step instructions include free plans that you can use as a guide.

For some of the free plans I provide on this site, 3D files are available from my webshop or for my members. This way, you can customize the plans to fit your needs.

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is Christofix?


Build date

Real name: Christophe
Country: Belgium


My first steps in woodworking

One of the classes in landscape school was woodworking.
That’s where my love for wood started.


Landscaping business

Design and construction of landscapes where
wood played a major role.


Picking up woodworking

Making small pieces of furniture and wooden
items in my garage.


Starting a YouTube channel

I uploaded my first video as a tryout, which was actually not a woodworking video.



I created my website as a platform to share
step-by-step instructions and free plans.


Hi, my real name is Christophe, and it all started in the last months of 2018 when I picked up an old hobby, woodworking.

I have been passionate about wood from a young age, and it has been a common thread in everything I have done in my life.

Since my training as a landscape gardener and designer, and during my almost 20 years of working in gardening and landscaping, I have constantly worked with wood, be it with living trees or with wood for construction.

By picking up woodworking, I wanted to take this love for wood and transfer it from using wood for construction to making unique items with respect for the material and our environment.

Back in 2018, when I picked up woodworking, I had some experience working with wood through school and my landscaping company, but my knowledge was minimal. Another issue I had was that I could only use my one-car garage as a workshop. So I guess you could say I had to start almost from scratch.

I started converting my small garage into a woodworking workshop, but, honestly, I had no idea what I was doing. 

Luckily the internet and YouTube were there and these were the best places to learn. After looking at some content, I started to build out and organize my workshop as efficiently as possible. 

I must admit that in trying to set up a workshop, I made several mistakes that cost me quite a bit of time and money. It was a matter of trial and error.
One day, on the advice of another woodworker, I found a course on the internet that helped me make great progress. It’s The Ultimate Small Workshop course, which I now recommend to others myself because it helped me so much. It was the first of many courses I took to get to where I am now. To inspire and help you, I’ll be sharing these courses on my Toolbox page.

After realizing how difficult it was to find the right information, the idea of sharing my experience was born. The only problem was that I had no idea how to go about it. I could not make YouTube videos because I did not know how to do that, and even better, I did not have a camera at the time.
Another option was blogging, but I am far from a computer person, and creating and maintaining a website just seemed too difficult.

Long story short, I watched hours of videos, took more classes, and taught myself how to film, edit, create a website, and write blogs.

Since then, I have been trying to get better every day.

Now, with my YouTube channel and this blog site, I have a way to share all my experiences, and I hope I can inspire you to get into woodworking, build a workshop, and make your own furniture or home decor.


plans & updates

Free plans have been one of the basic ideas to help others when I started my YouTube channel. It is my vision to keep these free plans free forever.
Together with the many updates on this site, they form an ever-growing database where you can find inspiration for building your workshop, furniture, or home decor.
So check back regularly for new information, or sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know about new content.


my plans

The free plans I offer are 2D plans and will help you build things the way I did.
However, sometimes you will need to modify these plans to fit your needs or workspace.
That’s where the 3D versions of the plans come in.

With these 3D files, you can adjust the dimensions on the plans to fit your needs, view details, take measurements, and more.

To get these 3D plans, you can become a member and get instant access, or you can purchase the 3D plans you need separately.


plans #option 1

Become a member

Get access to the 3D plans during your membership.


plans #option 2

One time purchase

Only buy the 3D plans you need.


Lend my brain

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Peek inside and see the (power) tools, products, camera gear, and many other things I use to build all my stuff.
Where others keep this a secret, I share it all with you so you can do the exact same thing I do.

With the constant information updates on this site, I hope this ever-growing database will inspire people to get started with wood.
I believe that anyone can do woodworking!

Founder of Christofix