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Best Angle Grinder for Woodworking in 2023

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Angle grinders aren’t the most commonly used power tools in a woodworking shop, but they are damn versatile power tools that can handle a variety of projects. With these powerful tools, you can handle tasks such as metal cutting, wood cutting or carving, stone or concrete cutting and much more.

Based on the application, you can mount custom and interchangeable rotating discs. Some of these discs are made for cutting, others can be used for grinding or sanding.

Making the best decision when you’re ready to add this tool to your collection is challenging. To learn more about the options and what to look for in the best angle grinder for woodworking, read this helpful article. Each of the top options listed below was chosen following an extensive market analysis and careful product vetting.

  2. BEST CORDED ANGLE GRINDER: BOSCH 1375A Corded 4-1/2-Inch 6 Amp
  3. BEST LIGHT-DUTY ANGLE GRINDER: BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch, 6 Amp
  4. BEST HEAVY-DUTY ANGLE GRINDER: DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch (DWE402W)
  5. BEST BUDGET ANGLE GRINDER: Metabo HPT Angle Grinder | 4-1/2-Inch

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What to look for when choosing the best angle grinder

Before selecting and buying any angle cutter tool, there are a few things you should know. The greatest small angle grinders could have distinctive characteristics, and various power sources or some might just be better suited to specifics. When looking for a high-quality grinder, the following factors should be taken into account.

Power source

Handheld grinders come in corded (that is, they plug into an electrical outlet) and cordless varieties (which use a battery).

Because they are directly connected to the outlet, corded grinders often produce greater power at a constant level. However, corded devices limit range without an extension cable by confining the user to a specific spot. The cords might be an inconvenience when working on a project and a tripping danger.

Usually, cordless grinders are not as powerful as their corded counterparts in terms of raw power. Additionally, battery capacity affects functioning, thus downtime in the middle of a project may result from a dead battery.

On the bright side, cordless angle grinders are easier to move about with and work well in small places.

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The disc’s size

Each size of the angle cutter tool is designated by a number that is equivalent to the greatest grinding wheel or disc diameter that it can support. If you require an angle grinder for woodworking or the bulk of do-it-yourself tasks, a 125 mm (4.5-inch) disc will do. In fact, smaller sizes and weights are ideal for DIYers because larger discs can be difficult or heavy to handle.

In industrial settings, professionals frequently use larger discs (up to 230 mm or 9 inches) to cut through dense pieces of material. As the disc gets bigger, the grinder itself needs to get bigger to handle the cutting force. This necessitates the employment of more powerful, larger equipment.

Soft start

Angle grinders might recoil slightly after being powered up because they are quick, strong tools. This is especially valid if the grinding wheel is sizable and substantial. The angle cutter tool may leap in the user’s hands as a result of the motor’s rebound, which might seriously hurt them.

Soft-start technology limits the power output to the motor initially before gradually raising it until the handheld grinder is completely up to speed in order to reduce recoil.

An angle grinder won’t rebound during startup because of the throttled power output control, which improves safety while also lessening shock to the user’s arms and wrists.


RPM is a unit of measurement for angle grinder speed (rpm). Although some extremely powerful grinders can exceed 12,000 rpm, speeds normally range between 5,000 and 10,000 rpm. However, keep in mind that the rpm rate refers to no-load settings, which means that the disc is simply spinning in the air without cutting or grinding anything. That speed will significantly decrease if the disc is cutting or grinding.

Naturally, the easier and faster the tool can cut through the target material, the higher the rpm. But as the pace increases, the disc also gets hotter and might potentially burst, posing a danger of damage.

Use the proper disc for the job, and pay attention to the disc’s maximum supported speed. For instance, a disc with a 7,500 rpm rating that is operating at a higher speed may break as a result of the force, sending pieces of the grinder wheel flying.


Angle grinders use volts (V) and amperes to assess the potential power output (amps). Volts are used by cordless angle grinders to measure the amount of power present in its battery. The majority of cordless versions use 18- or 20-volt batteries, with outliers ranging from 7.5 volts to 24 volts.

For the majority of cordless power tools, 18 to 20 volts is the most picked option, since it provides the optimum balance of affordability and functionality.

Angle grinders with cords can only be used with 120-volt or 220-volt power outlets, according to their voltage readings. Customers may determine the possible power output of corded models by looking at the amperage, which ranges from 5 amps to 15 amps. A 7- or 9-inch grinder should have a higher output because larger discs will necessitate that.

Hand Shield

An angle grinder’s guard, which covers half the disc, is a vital safety feature. When using the grinder in confined spaces, it serves to protect surfaces from harm and shield the user’s hands from sparks and flying debris.

Both movable and fixed guards are available for handheld grinders. The mobile variant is more common because it can be used by either left- or right-handed people and may be adjusted to better shield the user from flying objects.

A movable guard, however, risks falling off the device if the bolts are not tightened. Fixed guards are more durable and pose no threat of detaching from a grinder.

Here Are Some Tips When Buying and Using an Angle Grinder

Consider these suggestions while picking and utilizing an angle cutter tool to assist you even more.

Angle grinders are dangerous tools in the workshop. Everyone’s own safety and taking precautions in case of an accident should be their top priority. Please remember to include a first aid kit; I can’t stress this enough, and I’ve written about it in many of my other posts. You can find detailed instructions on how to achieve this in my article, How To Make A Workshop First Aid Kit – N°1 Guide | FREE CHECKLIST.

When grinding, always put on personal protective equipment (PPE), such as safety glasses or goggles, hearing protection, and breathing protection. For more info, check my article, Woodworking Safety – What PPE Do You Need For Woodworking?

Make sure the disc and guard are placed and tightened properly before operating the grinder. Discs and guards could become loose in between uses. Tighten them before turning on the angle grinder’s power.

More than a 4.5-inch handheld grinder is rarely needed for the most popular DIY hobbies, such as metalworking or carpentry. So search for this kind of angle grinder for woodworking; it is a decent starting point for most jobs, and you can upgrade to a larger model if you want to take on more challenging ones.

The hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), which has symptoms like pain and a chilly sensation in the user’s fingers, loss of grip strength, and loss of sensation in the fingers and hands, can be brought on by the prolonged vibration of an angle grinder. The hands can be protected from constant vibration by using an handheld grinder with dampened or vibration-absorbing material on the handle.

Top picks discussed in detail

The list of small angle grinders for woodworking that you read about in this post’s introduction will be covered in greater detail in this section. You should be better equipped to understand these small angle grinders and make a decision now that you have more information.


Product Specs

Model: XAG04Z
Disc Size: 125 mm – 4,5-inch
RPM: 8,500
Power Source: 18-volt lithium-ion battery

Anyone looking for the best performance from a cordless angle grinder for woodworking should consider the Makita XAG04Z. This top-rated angle grinder’s brushless motor and 18-volt lithium-ion battery allow it to spin at a maximum speed of 8,500 rpm. Both 4.5 and 5 inch discs are supported.

The XAG04Z is a pleasure to work with, in my opinion. The automatic speed adjustment let it to retain speed even during difficult cutbacks and grinds while not having the maximum top speed. Because of the lock-on switch, rubber over-molded grip, and handle, we barely noticed any vibration.

It would be nice if the tool came with a battery and charger.


  • Very little noticeable vibration
  • Slow start keeps the tool from jumping
  • Automatically adjusts speed and torque settings
  • Lock switch


  • No battery or charger included

BEST CORDED ANGLE GRINDER: BOSCH 1375A Corded 4-1/2-Inch 6 Amp

Product Specs

Model: 1375A
Disc Size: 125 mm – 4,5-inch
RPM: 11,000
Power Source: corded

As stated in the specifications above, the tool weighs only 1.7Kg (3.75lb). Compared to most handheld grinders with the same wheel capacity, this is noticeably lighter (1.8kg to 2.3kg, about four to five pounds). This grinder includes a 6 amp motor and a 5/8 -11 UNC spindle thread that accommodates 125mm (4 1/2 inch) discs at a no-load speed of 11,000 rpm. It is also smaller than the majority of angle grinders, at just 26.5 cm (10.5 in).

A one-year limited guarantee, which most people find to be adequate, is provided with this tool from the date of purchase. If there is a manufacturing flaw, you can send the tool back to their service center to get it replaced as long as it hasn’t been misused or tampered with by the user. The handheld grinder also incorporates epoxy-coated field windings for added durability, which improves its ability to keep out dust.


  • Lightweight.
  • You can move the handle to either side.
  • It has a lock-on feature.
  • The RPM is high for a small tool.


  • It is only single-speed.
  • The guard can be a little tricky to work with.


Product Specs

Model: BDEG400
Disc Size: 125 mm – 4.5-inch
RPM: 10,000
Power Source: Corded

Black & Decker’s Angle Grinder Tool can be a sensible choice if you’re looking for the best angle grinder for woodworking, carving, sanding, grout removal, and other light-duty chores. This inexpensive model has a 6-amp motor that can spin the cutting and grinding wheels at 4.5 inches in diameter up to 10,000 revolutions per minute.

This model is targeted by Black & Decker for light-duty DIY consumers, and it shines in that market. This model’s lock-on trigger, among other things, makes it simple to operate at such a low cost. The three-position handle mounting method is effective in a wide range of applications, including grinding and cutting at unusual angles. Just keep in mind that the Black & Decker only has a 6-amp motor, so don’t count on it to tackle heavy-duty tasks like extensive metalworking chores for too long.


  • Three-position handle, including top-mount
  • Plenty of capability for the price
  • Trigger locks into position


  • 6-amp motor is only suitable for light-duty work

BEST HEAVY-DUTY ANGLE GRINDER: DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch (DWE402W)

Product Specs

Model: DWE402
Disc Size: 125 mm – 4.5-inch
RPM: Up to 11,000 rpm
Power Source: Corded

The DWE402 from DeWalt is a powerful grinder that can keep up with demanding tasks like production welding and cutting. With an 11-amp motor, this powerful machine can spin 4.5-inch grinding and cutting wheels as fast as 11,000 rpm.

Although not everyone may require its power and high-speed capabilities, I found the DWE402 to be the perfect grinder for my work. The speed-boosting button on the handle base really helped, and it made quick work of my huge, lumpy, amateur-grade welds despite being a pro-grade instrument that cuts through angle iron faster than any other grinder.

Despite being one of the greatest handheld grinders with variable speeds, neither the DWE402’s vibration control nor its grip received much notice on the drawing board.


  • Very fast and powerful
  • Pro-grade capability
  • High amperage motor for heavy-duty work


  • Not much vibration control

BEST BUDGET ANGLE GRINDER: Metabo HPT Angle Grinder | 4-1/2-Inch

Product Specs

Model: G12SR4
Disc Size: 125 mm – 4.5-inch
RPMs: 10,000
Power Source: Corded

Not everyone can consistently afford top-of-the-line tools when it comes to DIY projects and budgets. Therefore, individuals looking to save money while still getting a quality grinder might want to take a closer look at this corded model from Metabo HPT. It includes a 6.2-amp motor, 125 mm – 4.5-inch discs, and can spin at up to 10,000 rpm.

This is among the most cost-effective 125 mm – 4.5-inch angle grinder options. This tool feels light and little in the hand. The power switch’s location is excellent, especially when cutting.

The lock-on feature allows you to turn it on and leave it on, which is very helpful for many projects. The Metabo HPT lacks the strength of other corded models, and a complaint is that the 6.2-amp motor tent to overheat with continuous use.


  • Lightweight angle grinder
  • Lock-on switch for long use
  • The most compact of all the grinders tested


  • The 6.2-amp motor isn’t ideal for all-day use
  • A little lacking in power compared to other corded models

Best angle grinder for woodworking – conclusion

The Makita XAG04Z is a great option from our list for practically any home workshop because of its portability and power, however professionals may also like this model. The DeWalt DWE402 is the handheld grinder you should use if you need more power and speed for tougher applications like cutting metal and other heavy welding materials.

You now possess all the knowledge required to make the best decision in finding the best angle grinder for woodworking. By clicking the buttons in the relevant angle grinder’s description, you may always see the most recent price. Now that you have the option to select and place an order, you can research this tool further while you wait for your small angle grinder to be delivered.
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