Find Your Perfect Match: Top 6 Best Jigsaw Saws for Every Budget!


BOSCH JS470E 120V 7.0-Amp Corded Top-Handle Jig Saw, Blue

JS470E Jigsaw

Best Jigsaw

Festool CARVEX PSB 420EBQ-Plus

Best Price

BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, 5-Amp, 3,000 Blade Speed, 45 Degree Beveled

Black & Decker BDEJS600C Jigsaw

Are you looking for the best jigsaw saw for your store? It may seem difficult to pick the right one, given the large number of models out there.

If you are a DIY enthusiast or professional woodworker, investing in a corded jigsaw is an absolute must – it guarantees greater accuracy and strength than its cordless counterpart.

In this article, you’ll discover the best jigsaw saws for woodworking that suits your needs. I’ll provide you with an extensive guide on how to use, maintain, and troubleshoot it.

Plus, we’ve included answers to some common queries. So, from novice to expert woodworker, take a look – and find the key information you need for your workshop!

Disclosure: At zero cost to you, I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. I earn from qualifying purchases as an Amazon associate. Products featured are selected based on quality, performance, and reputation, regardless of affiliate relationships.

Understanding Corded Jigsaws

A corded jigsaw is indispensable for any woodworker, providing great power and serviceability. These handheld power tools have a blade that moves in a back-and-forth motion, enabling it to cut through many materials such as wood, plastic, and metal.

In contrast to cordless versions who have a battery as a power source, this jigsaw needs to be plugged into a wall socket using an electric cord in order to function.

The primary benefit of using a corded jigsaw is its immense strength. Making it well-suited for tougher materials, corded jigsaws boast higher power than their cordless counterparts.

They also provide uninterrupted power so that you can finish your projects without worrying about the battery running out.

Comparing corded and cordless jigsaws, there are both advantages and shortcomings to consider.

For example, battery powered jigsaws grant users increased mobility due to the lack of a need for cords, however, they tend to be less powerful and require frequent recharging – an annoyance in the middle of a job. Though not as mobile, corded jigsaws offer more power and dependability.

An array of corded jigsaws is accessible in the marketplace, endowed with their own distinctive characteristics and merits. Some prevalent varieties are barrel-grip jigsaw, top-handle jigsaws, and D-handle jigsaws.

The handle of barrel grip jigsaws are situated near the back of the apparatus; whereas, the top handle saw has its handle at the upper section and has a “D” shape for increased control and stability when cutting.

Factors to Consider When Searching for the Best Jigsaw saw

When shopping for a corded jigsaw, you must take certain aspects into account to be sure to find the one most suitable for your requirements. Here are some vital jigsaw features to keep in mind.

Power and Speed: When selecting a jigsaw, it is crucial to consider the strength and speed. Measured in amps, a saw with greater amperage delivers more power, thus it can easily slice through denser and thicker materials.

The strokes per minute (SPM) represents how quickly the saw operates; higher SPM indicates faster cutting capability. To get the most efficient performance, pick a jigsaw with superior amperage and SPM.

Ebook part 1 woodworking basics

Blade Stroke Length: When selecting a corded jigsaw, the length of the blade stroke is an important element to consider. A long blade stroke enables quicker and more powerful cutting; thus it is ideal for cutting through denser materials. However, a shorter blade stroke offers increased accuracy when making delicate cuts.

Cutting Capacity: When selecting a jigsaw, take into account the maximum material thickness it is able to cut. It is crucial to opt for a model that can fulfill your needs. If you intend to cut thicker materials, make sure to select a saw that has sufficient cutting potential.

Dust Collection: When working with a jigsaw, it is essential to consider dust collection carefully. Since cutting generates a great deal of dust and dirt, it can adversely affect your health and create an extraordinary amount of mess.

Consequently, select a jigsaw that has an efficient dust-collection system to guarantee that your workspace remains orderly and devoid of dirt particles.

Weight and Ergonomics: When choosing a jigsaw, the weight and feel of the unit should be taken into consideration – especially if you want to use it continuously. Opt for a saw that is light yet provides ample grip.

Consider the design of its handle carefully, as this can greatly affect how comfortable it is to utilize.

Price Range: When selecting a jigsaw, factor in your budget and usage rate to pick one that fits within your price range—which can range from low to high.

Brand Reputation: When it comes to selecting a corded jigsaw, take into account the brand’s reputation. Opt for a well-known manufacturer with a track record of crafting top-grade power tools.

Look up reviews of jigsaws from reliable retailers to get an understanding of which jigsaw brands are dependable and deliver superior performance.

I myself am a big fan of Festool. Discover why in my article, Is Festool Worth It? the Essential Info You’re Looking For

Best Corded Jigsaws in the Market

Now that you are aware of the aspects to consider when opting for a corded jigsaw, let’s explore some of the finest corded jigsaws present in the market.

Best Quality/Price

01: Bosch JS470E Jigsaw

The Bosch JS470E is an impressive, feature-packed and long-lasting corded jigsaw that has earned top ratings. Let us delve deeper into why the Bosch jigsaw is regarded as one of the premier models in the corded jigsaw arena.

Features and Specifications

  • 7.0-amp motor delivers up to 3,100 strokes per minute
  • Four orbital-action settings for different blade strokes
  • Low-vibration design for smooth operation
  • Precision-machined plunging system for accuracy
  • Tool-less blade changing system for easy and fast blade changes
  • Ergonomic top handle with soft grip for comfort and control
  • A blower keeps the cutting line clear of dust and debris
  • Aluminum gearbox and insulated cover for durability


  • Powerful motor and variable speed trigger control make it easy to handle a variety of cutting tasks
  • Four orbital-action settings provide versatility and control
  • Low-vibration design and soft grip handle make it comfortable to use for extended periods
  • The blade changing system allows for quick and easy changing your blades without the use of tools
  • A blower keeps the cutting line visible and free of debris


  • Some users have reported that the blade tends to drift during use
  • The blower could be more powerful
  • It’s one of the more expensive corded jigsaws on the market

User Reviews

The Bosch JS470E has been immensely well-regarded by those who’ve used it. Most users have raved about its muscle and agility, as well as the fact that it gives a pleasant experience when working for hours.

Although some customer reviews indicated critiques of blade misalignment, most people agree that the Bosch JS470E is among the strongest corded jigsaws obtainable.

Bosch JS470E Jigsaw



Total score: 4/5

02: DeWalt DW331K Jigsaw

The DeWalt DW331K Jigsaw is an incredibly reliable and strong corded saw, designed to take on difficult cutting jobs. Get the details you need to know about this top-rated jigsaw:

Features and Specifications

  • 6.5-amp motor delivers up to 3,100 strokes per minute
  • Four-position orbital action for different blade strokes
  • Keyless blade changing system for quick and easy blade changes
  • All-metal lever-action keyless blade clamp for durability
  • Anti-slip comfort grip for reduced user fatigue
  • A blower keeps the cutting line clear of dust and debris
  • Adjustable dust blower, shoe bevel, and blade guide for precision cutting
  • Accepts T-shank jigsaw blade


  • Powerful motor and variable speed control make it easy to handle a variety of cutting tasks
  • Four-position orbital action provides versatility and control
  • Keyless blade changing system
  • Anti-slip comfort grip handle reduces user fatigue
  • Adjustable dust blower, shoe bevel, and blade guide allow for precision cutting


  • The jigsaw is relatively heavy compared to other corded jigsaws on the market
  • Some users have reported issues with blade stability and vibration
  • The blower to remove the dust could be more powerful

User Reviews

The highly-rated DeWalt Jigsaw has been met with much praise from consumers due to its might, sturdiness, and usefulness.

Some customers have raised issues regarding blade steadiness and trembling, however, the aforementioned instrument is still accepted as one of the premier corded jigsaws on the current market.

DeWalt DW331K Jigsaw



Total score: 3.7/5

03: Makita 4350FCT Jigsaw

The Makita 4350FCT Jigsaw is a powerful corded jigsaw that is designed to handle various cutting tasks with ease. Here are some of its features and specifications

Features and Specifications

  • 6.3-amp motor with variable speed control from 800 to 2,800 strokes per minute
  • 4 orbital settings plus straight cutting for versatility
  • The blade changing system allows for quick and easy changing your blades without the use of tools.
  • Electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load
  • Built-in LED light for improved visibility of the cut line
  • Ergonomic rubberized grip for improved comfort and control
  • Die-cast aluminum base adjusts from 0 to 45 degrees left or right for bevel cuts


  • The tool-less blade changing system allows for quick and easy changing of your blades, which saves time and improves efficiency.
  • The electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load, which helps to prevent the tool from bogging down during heavy cuts.
  • The built-in LED light provides improved visibility of the cut line, which helps to make more accurate cuts.
  • The ergonomic rubberized grip provides improved comfort and control, which reduces user fatigue during extended use.


  • The jigsaw is a bit heavy, which may cause fatigue during prolonged use.
  • Some users have reported that the blade can come loose during use, which may require frequent checks and adjustments.
  • The jigsaw is a bit expensive compared to some other models on the market.

User Reviews

Users have praised the Makita 4350FCT Jigsaw for its power, versatility, and ease of use. They also appreciate the tool-less blade changing system and the built-in LED light.

However, some users have noted that the jigsaw tool can be a bit heavy and that the blade can come loose during use. Overall, users seem to be satisfied with the performance and quality of this jigsaw.

Makita 4350FCT Jigsaw



Total score: 4/5

Best Price

04: Black & Decker BDEJS600C Jigsaw

The Black & Decker BDEJS600C Jigsaw presents an economical solution for casual do-it-yourselfers seeking a dependable tool to carry out intermittent cutting jobs. Here is a rundown on this jigsaw:

Features and Specifications

  • 5-amp motor delivers up to 3,000 strokes per minute
  • Curve Control technology for improved accuracy and precision
  • Wire guard provides clear line of sight and improves accuracy
  • Keyless blade clamp for quick and easy changing your blades
  • Beveling shoe allows for angled cuts up to 45 degrees
  • A blower clears debris from the cutting line
  • Accepts U-shank blades and T-shank blade types
  • Best budget jigsaw


  • Affordable price point makes it accessible for casual DIYers
  • Curve Control technology improves accuracy and precision
  • Wire guard provides a clear line of sight and improves accuracy
  • Keyless blade clamp allows for quick and easy blade changes
  • Beveling shoe allows for angled cuts up to 45 degrees
  • A blower clears debris from the cutting line


  • The 5-amp motor may not be powerful enough for heavy-duty cutting tasks
  • Some users have reported issues with blade stability and durability
  • The jigsaw is relatively heavy compared to other corded jigsaws on the market

User Reviews

The Black & Decker Jigsaw is a practical selection for occasional DIYers who require a dependable jigsaw, though feedback from users has been mixed.

Certain admire its affordability and features, but others have censured its less-than-stellar power and longevity.

Black & Decker BDEJS600C Jigsaw



Total score: 3.5/5

05: Porter-Cable PCE345 Jigsaw

The Porter-Cable Jigsaw is an extremely handy and potent equipment that can be utilized both by amateurs and expert woodworkers. Here are the key points to keep in mind regarding this electric jigsaw:

Features and Specifications

  • 6-amp motor delivers up to 3,200 strokes per minute
  • 4-position orbital settings for improved cutting efficiency
  • Keyless blade changing system for quick and easy changing your blades
  • Lock-on button for extended use
  • Beveling shoe allows for angled cuts up to 45 degrees
  • Dust blower clears debris from the cutting line
  • Accepts U-shank and T-shank shaped blades


  • Powerful 6-amp motor can handle heavy-duty cutting tasks
  • 4-position orbital settings improve cutting efficiency and accuracy
  • Keyless blade changing system allows for quick and easy blade changes
  • Lock-on button for extended use
  • Bevel adjustment shoe allows for angled cuts up to 45 degrees
  • Dust blower clears debris from the cutting line


  • Some users have reported issues with blade stability and durability
  • The jigsaw is relatively heavy compared to other corded jigsaws on the market
  • The dust blower may not be effective for larger cutting tasks

User Reviews

The Porter-Cable orbital Jigsaw has received generally positive reviews from users. Most praise its power, versatility, and features, although some have reported blade stability and durability issues.

However, for both DIYers and professional woodworkers who need a reliable jigsaw for heavy-duty cutting tasks, the Porter Cable Jigsaw is a solid choice. This is the best jigsaw for beginners

Porter-Cable PCE345 Jigsaw



Total score: 3.5/5

Best Jigsaw

06: Festool CARVEX PSB 420 EBQ-Plus 230V The best jigsaw saw of this comparison

The Festool CARVEX PSB 420 EBQ-Plus 230V jigsaw is an ideal choice for skilled woodworkers that prioritize quality. Here are some of the features you should be aware of when considering this powerful corded machine:

Features and Specifications

  • 550-watt motor delivers up to 3,800 strokes per minute
  • Triple blade guidance system for accurate and precise cuts
  • Tool-free base and blade changing system for quick and easy adjustments
  • Soft grip handle with vibration reduction make it comfortable to use for extended periods
  • Dust extraction system for cleaner and healthier work environment
  • FastFix system allows for quick and easy attachment of various accessories
  • Electronic speed control for consistent cutting speed
  • Compatible with both U-shank and T-shank blades
  • Available with barrel grip and D-handle


  • Powerful 550-watt motor can handle heavy-duty cutting tasks with ease
  • Triple blade guidance system provides accurate and precise cuts
  • Tool-free base and blade changing system is quick and easy to use
  • Dust extraction system keeps your work environment clean and healthy
  • FastFix system allows for quick and easy attachment of various accessories
  • Electronic variable speed control ensures consistent cutting speed
  • Comes with a sturdy carrying case


  • The Festool CARVEX PSB 420 EBQ-Plus 230V is a high-end jigsaw that comes with a premium price tag
  • It may be too advanced for beginners or DIYers who don’t require such advanced features and specifications
  • A laser guide would have been handy

User Reviews

Users have given the Festool CARVEX PSB 420 EBQ-Plus 230V overwhelmingly positive reviews. Although a few mentioned its expensive cost, for woodworkers who require power, accuracy, and extra features this saw is worth it. This is the best professional jigsaw. I myself own this jigsaw in my workshop and its quality and grip make it the best jigsaw for cutting curves and other tasks circular saws could not

Festool CARVEX PSB 420 EBQ-Plus 230V



Total score: 4.5/5

Comparison Table of Top Corded Jigsaws

Corded JigsawPower (Amp)Speed (SPM)Stroke Length (Inches)Cutting Capacity (Inches)Dust CollectionWeight (lbs)
Bosch JS470E7.00-310015/16-3-1/4Yes10
DeWalt DW331K6.5500-310015/16-3-1/8Yes6.6
Black+Decker BDEJS600C5.00-30000.753/4-2-1/2Yes4.6
Porter-Cable PCE3456.00-32003/43/4-2-1/2Yes6.0
Festool CARVEX PSB 420 EBQ-Plus 230V4.01500-380013/4-4-3/4Yes4.2
Makita 4350FCT6.3800-280015/16-4-3/4Yes5.2

Pro Tip

In addition to this jigsaw comparison, I also have a guide where I compare the best cordless jigsaws. Be sure to check out my article Cut Like a Pro: Top 6 Best Cordless Jigsaws for Precision Woodworking before making your decision. The perfect jigsaw will last for years so it is good to compare and make the right choice. That’s why I am happy to help you with these guides.

How to Use a Corded Jigsaw

Operating a corded jigsaw is fairly simple and uncomplicated, but it is imperative to observe the necessary safety protocols to prevent injuries. This guide will provide you with a step-by-step approach on how to operate a corded jigsaw.

  • Choose the right blade – The selection of your blade depends on what you intend to cut; make sure you pick one that is suitable for the task.
  • Adjust the blade – Ensure the blade is firmly fixed and correctly oriented. Adapt the blade’s speed and swing settings depending on what you are cutting.
  • Set up your workspace – Secure and steady the area in which you will be cutting before beginning. To keep the material from shifting, it is advisable to clamp it down.
  • Put on safety gear – It is imperative to put on eye and ear protection while working. Moreover, it is highly recommended to wear gloves and a dust mask for additional safety.
  • Turn on the jigsaw – Plug the corded jig saw into an outlet, and switch it on. Permit the blade to become fully functional before beginning to cut.
  • Make the cut – Carefully position the blade of the jigsaw so it is perpendicular to the surface you are cutting. Gently push the saw forward, following your desired cut line.
  • Finish the cut – Once you are done cutting, switch off the jigsaw and wait until the blade has stopped moving entirely before detaching it from the material.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when using a corded jigsaw:

  • Keep the power cord away from the cutting edge to avoid danger.
  • Grasp the jigsaw securely and hold it steadily while slicing.
  • Gently handle the jigsaw, as a forceful application may cause its blade to warp or shatter.
  • Let the blade do the work; don’t press it too hard.
  • Begin with a trial cut to guarantee the settings are accurate prior to slicing your material.

By taking heed of these steps and tips, you can employ a corded jigsaw securely and efficiently for your woodworking ventures.

Maintenance of Corded Jigsaws

To ensure your corded jigsaw operates efficiently and remains in good condition for a long period of time, follow these maintenance instructions.

Cleaning and lubrication

Clean your jigsaw thoroughly after each use to eliminate any sawdust, dirt, or debris that could have collected on it.

Utilize a delicate brush or clean cloth to wipe down the jigsaw. Lubricate its moving parts and gears to avoid rust and ensure smooth operation.

Blade replacement

The blade of a jigsaw plays an essential role. If it is dull or damaged, it may cause inaccurate cuts, too much heat, and eventually damage the saw.

Always take a look at your blade for signs of wear and tear, replacing it promptly if any are present.

Refer to my article “Choosing the perfect jigsaw blades in 3 simple steps | FREE DOWNLOAD” for more information on how to select the right blade for your jigsaw.

Checking and replacing the cord

Inspect your jigsaw’s cord often for evidence of wear or harm. If you spot any cracks, slices, or fraying, cease use right away and switch out the cord. A broken cable can lead to electrocution or a blaze; thus, it is imperative to take swift action.

Troubleshooting common issues

If you encounter any troubles with your jigsaw, such as overheating, vibration, or cutting difficulties, begin by inspecting the blade, cleaning the jigsaw and verifying that all components are sufficiently lubricated.

If the issue continues to arise, refer to the manufacturer’s directions for extra support or bring your jigsaw to a competent repair technician.

By utilizing these basic maintenance strategies, you can guarantee that your corded jigsaw stays in superior condition and offers peak performance each time you utilize it.

Corded Jigsaws vs. Other Types of Jigsaws

When it comes to selecting a jigsaw, you have the choice between corded and cordless versions. Corded jigsaws are the traditional choice, yet, cordless varieties have been rapidly gaining traction in recent times. Here are several distinctions between corded and other models of jigsaws:

Corded Jigsaws

Corded jigsaws rely on electricity and require a power outlet to function. Featuring faster cutting speeds and longer stroke lengths, they are more powerful than battery jigsaws. Furthermore, they are usually constructed with greater durability, enabling them to take on heftier tasks.


  • More powerful and efficient
  • Better for heavy-duty tasks
  • More durable


  • Limited by the length of the power cord
  • Requires a power outlet

Cordless Jigsaws

Cordless jigsaws are perfect for those who need to cut wood in places where no electricity is available. These battery-powered tools guarantee more mobility and convenience than their corded counterparts, but lack power and tend to have a shorter battery life.


  • Greater mobility and convenience
  • Ideal for smaller projects
  • Can be used in locations without a power outlet


  • Less powerful than corded jigsaws
  • Shorter battery time

Ultimately, deciding whether a corded or battery powered jigsaw is the better purchase comes down to what your particular needs and preferences are. If you require a jigsaw for more demanding jobs, then a corded version would be preferable.

Conversely, if the project is minor or will be used in places without an electrical outlet, then opting for the cordless type may be more suitable.

What is the best jigsaw saw – Conclusion

In conclusion, you are now equipped with comprehensive knowledge regarding corded jigsaws thanks to this best jigsaw saw buying guide! I’ll discussed the definition of these saws, the advantages compared to cordless battery powered jigsaws, the available options on the market, and how to maintain them properly.

When talking about power and precision, corded jigsaws are a terrific option for any kind of timberworking venture. Requiring a bit more caution than cordless ones, their consistent power provision and adaptability make them a valuable investment.

For ultimate jigsaw competition, make sure to read my article “7 Essential Techniques for Accurate Jigsaw Cuts (Quick Guide)” for tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your corded jigsaw. By employing these methods, you are well-equipped to craft impeccable cuts and impressive woodworking projects.

Frequently asked questions about Corded Jigsaws

What is a corded jigsaw?

A jigsaw that runs on electricity is an instrumental power tool used for cutting a variety of materials. This type of jigsaw is referred to as “corded” since it necessitates plugging into an electrical outlet to function.

What are the safety measures to take when using a corded jigsaw?

To ensure optimal safety when using a corded jigsaw, it is advisable to don protective gear such as goggles and gloves, maintain the workspace neat and orderly, firmly clamp down the material to be cut, and take special care not to come into contact with the blade while the tool is in motion.

How long can I expect a corded jigsaw to last?

The longevity of a corded jigsaw is contingent upon its usage rate and routine maintenance. Nevertheless, tending to one’s jigsaw properly has the potential to yield years of service.

Are corded jigsaws more powerful?

Corded jigsaws are usually more capable than their cordless counterparts, due to the immediate and consistent power of the cord versus the limited energy of a battery.

Is it worth having a jigsaw?

Absolutely, owning a jigsaw is advantageous if you frequently work with timber or other stuff that needs slicing. A jigsaw is an adaptable device which can deliver exact cuts and is perfect for various DIY tasks.

Is an orbital jigsaw better than a regular jigsaw?

A jigsaw with orbital action is advantageous in certain scenarios due to its more intense cutting action which makes it well-suited for thicker materials or coarse cuts. By contrast, regular jigsaws are ideal for crafting fine, intricate cuts.

Can you cut straight with a jigsaw?

With some practice and the help of a guide, a jigsaw can be used to make precise cuts. To guarantee the best results, always use a ruler or straight edge as assistance when sawing.

How thick can a jigsaw cut?

The ability of a jigsaw to slice through material relies upon the blade and the kind of material being cut. On average, most jigsaws can penetrate materials up to 2-3 inches thick.

Is a jigsaw safer than a circular saw?

Overall, a jigsaw is thought to be safer than a circular saw due to its smaller size and increased control. Despite this safety advantage, it is critical to practice caution when operating any motorized tool.

Can I cut a 4×4 with a jigsaw?

Using a jigsaw to cut a 4×4 is doable, yet an alternative such as a circular saw or handsaw could be more effective.

Can a jigsaw cut a bolt?

A jigsaw is mainly meant for cutting softer materials like wood and plastic, and not typically used for cutting bolts.

Can a jigsaw cut through steel?

Using a jigsaw for metalwork is uncommon due to its lack of a blade with specialized teeth tailored to metal.

How do I stop my jigsaw blade from wandering?

To ensure the blade of a jigsaw stays on-point, guarantee that the blade is firmly attached and the material being cut is firmly clamped. As well, abstain from exerting too much pressure during the process and let the blade carry out the cutting.

How do you stop a jigsaw from chipping wood?

To avoid chipping the wood while using a jigsaw, use a sharp blade, cut slowly and apply masking tape along the cutting line to prevent splintering.

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