Complete Makita HR2470FT Rotary Hammer Review | My honest opinion

If you want to drill holes, you have at least a cordless drill or drill press in your workshop. 

But what if you need more power to drill holes in concrete, for example, when you want to hang cabinets? 
Then the cordless drill is short of power, and the drill press is completely useless for a job like this.

So you will have to buy a rotary hammer drill.

The question is, which one should you choose, the range of the different brands is large.

To help you in that choice, you can watch the review video and blog about the Makita HR2470FT rotary hammer.

Complete Makita HR2470FT Rotary Hammer Review _ My honest opinion

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Unboxing & review video​

Before we dive into the blog, you can watch the unboxing and review video first.
In that video, I will show you what you get when you buy this Makita HR2470FT Rotary hammer.

In the blog post underneath the video, I will compare the Makita HR2470FT against other brands, and give you my honest opinion about this Makita rotary hammer.

Before you switch on the Makita HR2470FT Rotary Hammer​

Safety first!​

Always protect yourself against noise, dust, and rotating sharp parts.
Safety is always your own responsibility!

To protect myself while working I always use:

Basic parameters of the Makita HR2470FT​

To describe the Makita HR2470FT I will give you a few important parameters.

Name of parameterParameter value
Overall length394mm
Weight of the machine, kg3.0kg
No load speed (min-1)0-1.100
Blows per minute0-4.500
Capacities concrete Tungsten-carbide tipped bit24mm
Capacities concrete core bit54mm
Capacities concrete Diamond core bit (dry type)65mm
Capacities steel13mm
Capacities Wood32mm

Delivery set​

When you purchase the Makita HR2470FT, the following items are included in the delivery set:

  • Makita HR2470FT Rotary hammer with Quick change chuck for SDS-plus.
  • Instruction manual and safety instructions.
  • Depth gauge.
  • Quick change drill chuck.

What is a rotary hammer used for​

A rotary hammer is a type of hand drill, and is a power tool that can perform tough tasks, such as drilling and chiseling hard materials.

Like the hammer drill, the drill strikes in and out as it spins. 

Due to the piston mechanism used in rotary hammers, they deliver a much more powerful hammer blow.
This make it possible to drill larger holes much faster.

Complete Makita HR2470FT Rotary Hammer Review _ My honest opinion

Rotary hammers can be used to drill holes in concrete and masonry walls. To know if you can use these type of drill on wood, I recommend you to check out my article, Can You Use a Hammer Drill on Wood (Solved)

The hammer action helps the hammer break the masonry, so that it can be removed through the grooves of the drill.

In addition to the main function of drilling concrete, the rotary movement can be switched off.
By doing that, only the impact force is used. 

Chisel and point accessories are used for small chiseling work.

What is the difference between a rotary hammer and hammer drill​​

A rotary hammer is a heavier version of a standard drill with features of a jackhammer.
A hammer drill is a tool that can be used to drill into wood or metal.

Actually, this is an intermediate step from a standard drill to a jackhammer.
In this type of drill, the advantages of both machines can be found.

You can both drill and chisel hard materials such as brick or concrete.

Complete Makita HR2470FT Rotary Hammer Review _ My honest opinion

Makita HR2470FT Review​

Opening the box​

The Makita Hr2470FT is offered in a sturdy plastic case that is light and easy to carry.
A huge advantage when you have to transport this rotary hammer a lot.

When I opened the case, I immediately saw what I am used to from Makita.
I found a solid machine, built with high-quality materials.

The rotary hammer already had the quick-change chuck for SDS-plus mounted, together with the side handle.
This allows you to work ergonomic and comfortable.

As indicated on the packaging, I also found the extra quick-change drill chuck and the depth stop.

The Makita HR2470FT Review / Initial thoughts​

When I looked at the Makita HR2470FT in more detail, I saw that all control buttons are very easy to access.

I personally find the long cord that is attached to this power tool an advantage.
That gives you the opportunity to move freely while working.

When the switch is pressed, the workpiece is illuminated by the integrated lamp.
Handy when you have to work in dark places.

Due to the low weight of 3Kg, it is hardly noticeable that you have this machine in your hands. 
This is an absolute bonus when operating this machine over a longer period.

Working with the Rotary Hammer​

After viewing this Makita HR2470FT came the test.

For this test, I tried all the possibilities of the machine. 

With the quick change head for SDS-plus, I drilled holes in concrete.
With the quick-change drill head, I did a test to drill in wood.
After that, I switched it in the demolition position, I did a test to break concrete.

Complete Makita HR2470FT Rotary Hammer Review _ My honest opinion

In certain situations, it is recommended to move the side handle to a different position for easier operation.
I encountered some resistance there.

You must install the side handle so, that the teeth on the handle fit between the protrusions on the tool sleeve.

But to move the side handle, the chuck had to be removed first.
That way, I was able to pull the teeth out of the protrusions.

Not a problem in itself, but a little extra work.

The tension that takes place on the side handle is also very high, so that the movement of the side handle was not really smooth.

Perhaps this part will become smoother over time.

Complete Makita HR2470FT Rotary Hammer Review _ My honest opinion

The quick-change system is also tight, which is more difficult to operate. At the same time, it is also an advantage.
This way, it does not come off quickly during work.

While working, I noticed that shocks are very well absorbed.

This makes it pleasant to work with this power tool, especially when you have to work with this rotary hammer for several hours in a row.

Test results​

During the testing, I was pleasantly surprised. 

I immediately felt that this machine has power. 

Drilling and chiseling was therefore a piece of cake.
At no time did I have to exert heavy force. 
The machine did the work for me.

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Pros and cons​

To help you make a choice before buying a rotary hammer, I will give you the pros and cons that I have noticed about this Makita HR2470FT.

Pros of the Makita HR2470FT

This machine is a sturdy machine, made of high-quality material.

The machine is ergonomically built.
When holding this drill, it feels comfortable, and is easy to use.
This all is partly due to the light weight.

The reduction of vibrations, produced by this power tool, makes it easy to work with this machine for several hours at a time.

The quick-change holders are a plus when you want to change quickly.

The handy and light case, that is included, ensures that the Makita rotary hammer can always be safely transported.

Cons of the Makita HR2470FT

The button for changing the quick-change chuck is rather tight. 
I don’t know if this belongs here in the list of cons, because it is a disadvantage, but at the same time an advantage.

A bigger disadvantage was that, if you want to change the side handle from position, the quick change chuck has to be removed.


If you need a Rotary hammer, you don’t have to doubt.
The Makita HR2470FT is a qualitative power tool for an affordable price.

I am very satisfied that I chose this machine, and I am convinced that you will be satisfied too.

To find the right drill bit for your project, check out my article where you can find a list of the most used drill bits and discover what type of drill bits you should have in your workshop

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