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Whether you have a small workshop or a large workshop, an organization is important.

You don’t want to keep looking for that one tool over and over again or buy the same tool over and over again because it has been broken again by carelessness.

On top of that, when you have a small workshop like me, you have to make the best use of every small available space.

In my workshop I want everything to be as compact as possible and well organized. This not only improves my workflow but my materials and tools also last longer so that I can save money.

That’s why I made this measuring tool organizer.

This measuring tool organizer contains all measuring instruments in my woodworking workshop and is portable. By taking this organizer with me to the workplace, I always have everything at hand.

On the side is a small chalkboard on which I can write down measurements so you don’t have to remember them.

Easy, isn’t it?

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How to build a measuring tool organizer?

I will explain step by step in this blog.

There are free plans available that you can use as a basis for your tool organizer. 

Keep in mind that you may have to adjust the dimensions to suit your measuring tools.

What do you need to make a measuring tool center?

To prepare you for building this measuring tool center, I have made a few handy lists.

In addition to a few personal protective equipments that I use*, I also list the materials as well as the (power) tools you will need to build this tool center.

* Safety is always your own responsibility!

Safety first! Protect yourself!
Materials I used for this measuring tool center
(power)Tools I used for this tool center

Watch the video here

Building the measuring tool organizer step by step

Step 1 | Preparation

Start by cutting all the parts you need to build this measuring tool organizer.
Use the free plans that you can download in this blog. It contains all the dimensions you need.

Would you like to see more in detail?

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DIY Portable measuring tool center _ FREE PLANS

Step 2 | Preparing the mini chalkboard

Because the chalkboard paint has to dry for quite a while, I took this step first.
Be sure to check out the chalkboard paint manufacturer’s instructions. Some brands will have to be applied in several layers.

DIY Portable measuring tool center _ FREE PLANS

Step 3 | Making all parts for this measuring tool organizer

Then I started to make all the separate parts such as the pencil holder, a compartment to store small parts, the holders for the digital measuring instruments, and so on.

DIY Portable measuring tool center _ FREE PLANS

For the digital angle finder and caliper, I made slots in the plywood that are just a bit deeper than the thickness of these tools. This ensures that they are stuck but still easy to get in and out of the organizer.

Because these can be very small parts, I did this on my crosscut sled. I used my new hold down stick to work safely.

If you have not yet visited the blogs about the crosscut sled and the hold down stick, be sure to check it out. There are also free plans available so that you can build them for your workshop.

DIY Portable measuring tool center _ FREE PLANS

Because the thicknesses of my measuring instruments varied, I chose to use Birch plywood of 18 mm mixed with MDF 6 mm. In this way, as few slots as possible had to be cut, which in turn works faster.

All parts were attached together with wood glue and clamped until the glue was dry.

DIY Portable measuring tool center _ FREE PLANS

The pencil holder consists of 2 layers of 18 mm birch plywood that are glued together with wood glue.

To speed up work on this part, these pieces were not glued but instead nailed together with a brad nail.

In this block, equally spaced holes of 10 mm diameter were drilled in which pencils can be placed

DIY Portable measuring tool center _ FREE PLANS

A handle has been made in the back wall of this measuring tool organizer so that this organizer is portable.

I made the handle by drilling 2 holes on the sides of the handle and cutting away the material between them with the jigsaw.

DIY Portable measuring tool center _ FREE PLANS

Finally, the partition was made. The two parts for this were connected with wood glue and brad nails.

Once all parts were made, I finished the edges with a chamfer router bit.

DIY Portable measuring tool center _ FREE PLANS


Don’t just use any wood glue for your projects!

To find out which different types exist and for which applications wood glue serve, check out my blog Understanding Wood Glue + 8 awesome tricks you should know.
Here you will discover everything you need to know about wood glue.

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Step 4 | Assembling

Now that all parts have been made, the assembly could begin.

Again I used wood glue and brad nails to connect the parts quickly and securely.

DIY Portable measuring tool center _ FREE PLANS
DIY Portable measuring tool center _ FREE PLANS


If you consider buying a nail gun, be sure to watch my blog How to choose the right nail gun for your projects. A complete nail gun guide.
I have used my nail gun for almost every project since I bought it, so I can highly recommend buying one.

The last step in making the measuring instrument organizer was the bracket for the tape measure.

This consists of a thin metal plate that is kept at a distance from the back wall with two small strips of MDF 6 mm.

The MDF strips were attached with CA glue and the metal plate was attached to these spacers with screws.

DIY Portable measuring tool center _ FREE PLANS
DIY Portable measuring tool center _ FREE PLANS
DIY Portable measuring tool center _ FREE PLANS

Voilà, it is that simple to build this measuring tool organizer.

Do not forget that the dimensions on the plans are adapted to my measuring tools. So measure all your tools before you start building and adjust the plans where necessary.

Good luck.

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I hope this information on how to make a measuring tool center was helpful, and that this blog and video inspires you.
Let me know in a comment below.

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