Easy DIY circular saw track guide | FREE PLANS

Easy DIY Circular Saw Track Saw Guide | FREE PLANS

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If you want to saw large sheets of plywood it is an almost impossible job to cut these with your table saw, unless you have an industrial table saw of course.

As a hobby woodworker or woodworker with a small workshop, an industrial table saw is excluded, so an alternative solution must be found.

Easy DIY circular saw track guide | FREE PLANS

This DIY track saw guide is the perfect alternative you need!

For this circular saw guide you can simply use the circular saw that you already have in your workshop. 
With the free plans that you can download in this blog, you will be able to build the perfect track saw. 

No more struggling with too large plates on the table saw, no more dangerous situations, and it is a fun and dirt cheap project to make.

Let’s build this jig!

Watch the video here

Before we start building

To prepare you for building this circular saw guide, I have made a few handy lists.

In addition to a few personal protective equipment that I use*, I also list the materials as well as the (power) tools you will need to build this jig.

* Safety is always your own responsibility!

Safety first!

Materials I used for this DIY track saw guide

(power)Tools I used for this Circular saw guide

Building the DIY track saw step by step

Now that we have gone through the list of what we all need for this project, I will explain step by step how to make this Easy DIY circular saw track saw guide.

Let’s go!

Step 1 | Cutting to length

The first step is to cut all pieces to size. 
Use the downloadable plans as a basis for your circular saw guide.

Pay attention! The sizes on the plans are based on my circular saw.

Not all circular saws are the same size, so adjust them to the size of your circular saw.

Easy DIY circular saw track guide | FREE PLANS

If you want to make the push stick as you can see in the picture, be sure to watch this video: The BEST Universal PUSH STICK for safety | FREE template.

Step 2 | Assembly

Once all the pieces have been cut, you can start assembling.

As the first part, you can make the side of the guide.

You can attach the thin strip to the bottom plate with wood glue and brad nails or screws.

Easy DIY circular saw track guide | FREE PLANS

Make sure that the side of the bottom plate is perfectly straight. Since you take this side as a reference point for the entire jig, this is extremely important.

Place the thin strip along the edge of the bottom plate with the help of a square, in that way you can be sure that the edges are flush.

Easy DIY circular saw track guide | FREE PLANS

Once the first strip has been mounted, you can now also mount the second strip. These two strips ensure that the circular saw is caught and cannot move to the left or right, so you are always assured of a straight cut.

To determine the correct distance between the two strips, place the circular saw against the first mounted strip. 
Mount the second strip against the other side of the circular saw.

Move the circular saw regularly while you fasten the strip. 
By sliding the circular saw at the places where you attach the strip, you ensure that you always have the right opening for the circular saw to move smoothly.

Easy DIY circular saw track guide | FREE PLANS

Congratulations, you now have made the most crucial part of the mold.

For easy use of the jig, you can now make holes in the guide. These holes serve to clearly see the marked line when you will use the jig.

To find where the center of the holes should go, make a small incision in the bottom plate with the circular saw. Make sure the cut is not too deep so you can easily position the tip of your drill.

Easy DIY circular saw track guide | FREE PLANS

Now mark the distance between the holes as shown on the plans.

Then you can drill the holes in the bottom plate with a Forstner bit.

Place a small piece of scrap wood under the place where you will drill to avoid tear-out.

Easy DIY circular saw track guide | FREE PLANS

When all holes have been drilled you can now make the slot for the saw blade.

Carefully lower the saw blade and cut from the first to the last hole.

The base of the circular saw guide is now ready!

Easy DIY circular saw track guide | FREE PLANS

Step 3 | Handle

To be able to place the circular saw guide at right angles to the workpiece, a square is mounted at the bottom. 

At the same time, this serves as a handle on the circular saw guide for easy movement.

To make this square, mount a thin strip of wood perpendicular to the bottom of the jig.

Again use wood glue and brad nails to assemble this strip.

Easy DIY circular saw track guide | FREE PLANS

To make a solid handle, attach a piece of plywood to the top of the strip.

To support the plywood and make the handle more sturdy, mount an extra strip at the bottom.

Easy DIY circular saw track guide | FREE PLANS


If you consider buying a nail gun, be sure to watch the video in which I review my Makita AF505N.
I have have used this nailgun for almost every project since I bought it, so I can highly recommend buying one.

Easy DIY circular saw track guide | FREE PLANS

To make the handle you can drill holes in the plywood.

First, draw the measurements as indicated on the plans.

Drill out the holes with a Forstner bit and trim with a jigsaw, file, or as I did with a small sandpaper drum on my drill.

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Step 4 | Finishing the circular saw guide

4.1 | Rounding the corners

To prevent corners from tearing, you can round the corners with a router.

This makes the track saw not only stronger but also more beautiful.

4.2 | Sanding the DIY track saw

When you will use the circular saw guide you want this to be as smooth as possible.

Therefore it is best that you will make the place where the circular saw should slide smoothly.

You can do that by sanding.
I used sandpaper with different grain sizes from P120 to P800.

If you want to know more about how to choose the best sandpaper for your project, check out this interesting blog on my website:

The perfect sandpaper grit guide for woodworking

Easy DIY circular saw track guide | FREE PLANS

4.3 | Finishing​

To protect my jig and saturate the surface I used linseed oil.

To spread this oil I use the Stainpad wood stain applicator. I can highly recommend this. The Stainpad absorbs the oil well and releases it evenly without streaking.

Be sure to check out the Stainpad, you won’t regret it.

Easy DIY circular saw track guide | FREE PLANS

How to use the DIY track saw guide

The circular saw guide is super easy to use.

Mark the place where you want to cut with a pencil.

Now place the DIY track saw guide with the slot above the marked line.
You can now easily check whether the track saw is in the correct position through the holes in the bottom plate.

Place the circular saw on the jig and lower the saw blade through the slot.

The jig can be used because of its length in both the width and length of a sheet of plywood.
If you want to use it on the long side of a sheet of plywood, cut up to half the board, flip the track saw guide over, and cut the rest of the plywood.

Yet this DIY track saw remains a compact jig, ideal for small workshops.

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