Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review. My Honest Thoughts

Festool TS 55 fEBQ track saw

Festool 576708 TS 55 FEQ Plunge Cut Circular Saw in

Festool FS 1400/2-LR32 rail

Festool FS1400/2-LR32-55"(1400 mm)Guide Rail with holes For Drilling. Model-496939

Buying a track saw guarantees that you can dive into your wallet. Therefore, it is best to be as well-informed as possible to avoid making a bad purchase.

That is why I decided to write this Festool TS 55 track saw review to help you.

The Festool TS 55 plunge saw, in my opinion, is well worth the money. It is a well-made saw with extremely precise cuts and excellent dust collection. The price is higher, but you are assured of years of use with this Festool track saw in addition to the splendid quality.

In this article, I’ll show you what comes in the box with the Festool TS 55 track saw, share my first impressions of the tool, and explain which types of tracks I purchased.

I’ll show you some test results later in this article to show you what it’s capable of. As a bonus, I show you what extras come with the Festool TS 55 fan edition and what I would do differently if I were to repurchase this saw.
If you’r not sure if a track saw is what you need, check my article, Is a track saw worth it, first.


This article and video were not sponsored by Festool! So I have complete freedom to say whatever I want about this tool and give you my honest opinion. I choose Festool for many reasons, which you can discover in my article, Is Festool Worth It? The Essential Info You’re Looking For. I suggest you read this article and come back after it.

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The Festool TS 55 FEBQ Product Specification

Complete product nameFestool TS 55 FEBQ-Plus
CategoryTrack saws / Circular saws
Suitable forWood, Aluminum and MDF
Saw blade diameter160 mm
Saw blade thickness1.8 mm
Dust extraction diameter27/36 mm
Warranty1 year
Warranty after registration3 years
Weight4.3 kilos
Maximum cutting capacity wood 90 degrees55 mm
Maximum cutting capacity wood 45 degrees43 mm
Power1200 Watt
Speed2000 – 5800
Angle Range -1 – 47 Degrees
Cable length4 meter
Drive typeMains
Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review – Specification chart

Included with the Festool TS 55 track saw

  • Systainer with T-LOC
  • Splinter guard
  • Sliding viewing window
  • HW fine-toothed saw blade W48
  • Allen key SW 5
  • Plug-it cable (replaceable power cord)

Not included with the Festool TS 55 track saw

  • Guide rail

Watch the video about this TS 55 unboxing and revew

Why Choosing a Track Saw and Not a Circular Saw?

Well actually it’s simple, the circular saw will never be able to offer you such perfect cuts as a track saw.
For years, I thought I could save the money on a track saw, and in retrospect, this turned out to be the dumbest saving I ever wanted to make for my workshop. You can read more about the differences between the track saw and vs circular saw here. As a result, you can decide even better whether the track saw is really something for you.

Festool TS 55 FEBQ-Plus review

The festool systainer

Before I dive into the unboxing part of this article, I’d like to say a few words about the systainer. The TS55 comes in a strong and durable systainer with two bottom hooks. Because of these hooks, systainers can be connected to other systainers.

The T lock allows you to lock them together, which is useful for construction site loading and unloading. The genius of these locks is that turning them 180° keeps the systainers connected while you can open the one you need.

Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review - The systainer T-lock is genius!
Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review – The systainer T-lock is genius!
Ebook part 1 woodworking basics

The design of the Festool TS 55 Febq-Plus

My first impression of this track saw is that Festool uses solid, high-quality materials. Besides that, all adjustable parts are easily accessible and simple to use.

The Festool plunge saw ts55 febq-plus is designed in such a way that you can cut into anything. Floors, ceilings, doors, lumber, sheet materials, or worktops will not be a problem with this circular saw. The Festool ts55 plunge cut saw lets you cut 5 meters per minute. The speed can always be selected constant and variable by the mmc electronics.

This TS 55 is powered by a brushed motor, and the brushes are easily accessible if they need to be replaced. This motor allows you to rotate the blade at different speeds. To do this, you can use the speed dial ranging knob from 1 to 6, which is located beneath the handle. Next to the corded version, there is also a cordless version available.

The soft start, temperature and overload protection, triple motor bearing, and quick brake stand for durability and safety. Another safety measure that Festool has with this track saw is the plunge lock. As long as this is not pressed, you will not be able to drop and/or start the saw.

Features of the Festool ts55 Febq-plus plunge cut saw

Sawing up to 55 mm in various materials

With the Festool plunge saw Ts 55 you can cut up to 55 mm accurately in many types of materials. Think of parquet floors, interior doors, and other wood panel materials. Because you can easily adjust the cutting depth, Solid wood or sheet materials, or making kerfs are no problem for this circular saw.

The depth of the cuts is 55 mm when cutting at a 90-degree angle, and 43 mm when cutting at a 45-degree angle.

To select the depth of the cut, to go all the way trough the wood or making a kerf, there is a depth gauge that is located up front. The upper level indicates the depth when the saw is used on the track, while the lower level indicates the depth when the saw is used without a track. What I like about Festool is that everything can be easily adjusted down to the smallest detail. For example, there is a small button with which you can adjust the depth stop to make very precise cuts.

Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review - Easy to use depth gauge
Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review – Easy to use depth gauge

Bevel cuts with angles ranging from -1 to 47 degrees

The front and back bevel knobs on the saw allow you to tilt it from 0 to 45 degrees. There is also a small setting screw here that can be turned until perfect 90-degree cuts can be made. But it doesn’t stop there.

Because of a small knob on the back and a lever on the front, this saw can cut wider than 45 degrees and 90 degrees. Bevel cuts like this can be made up to 47 degrees and -1 degrees.

Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review - Make bevel cuts from -1 up to 47 degrees
Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review Make bevel cuts from -1 up to 47 degrees

Excellent extraction for a clean workplace

Because of the inwardly positioned intake struts, the Festool ts 55 track saw has an ultra-slim and completely smooth housing. This design allows for close-to-edge cutting with a minimum wall distance of 12 mm.

The chip channel on the Festool ts55 febq-plus is designed in such a way that sawdust and chips are extracted properly. Residues are blown through this, preventing them from remaining in your workspace.

The Festool plunge saw ts 55 febq-plus has a vacuum cleaner connection (27/36 mm diameter) so that all leftovers can be vacuumed right away. If you have a vacuum cleaner from a brand other than Festool, you may need to purchase an adapter, so keep this in mind!

Splinter protection

On the side, there is the viewing window and chip guard. With the sliding viewing window, you have a good view of the marking line and the saw blade. This window can be replaced with a green splinter guard. With the placeable splinter protection, you ensure that you get a clean finish on both sides.

The splinter guard can be combined with a guide rail and can be used together. An advantage that it gives is that you do not have to do any post-processing. That is why this type of saw is widely used in carpentry.

Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review - Installing the splinter guard
Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review – Installing the splinter guard

High flexibility with minimal resistance

It is critical that the track saw not move sideways while cutting in order to achieve perfect cuts. The adjustable jaws allow you to do this while keeping the saw on the track. It is critical to test and configure this feature before beginning work to ensure that there is no movement between the base and the track.

The Festool plunge cut saw has a flat housing with a maneuverable design that glides smoothly on the Festool guide rail. Because it weighs only 4.5 kilos, the Festool ts 55 febq-plus will fit comfortably in your hand. It is difficult to convey emotion through written text or video, but working with a Festool is nearly automatic and effortless.

Blade replacement for the TS 55 Track saw

The circular plunge saw’s saw blade is easily replaceable. This is due to the FastFix saw change feature on the TS 55. This is done with extreme caution. The saw blade is durable and does not require frequent replacement. Alway make sure you use the right types of saw blades for the job! My article What Are the Different Types of Track Saw Blades – Quick & Easy Guide will help you get better insights into choosing the perfect blade, do not miss this information!

Before changing the blade on this Festool track saw or any other power tool, always turn off the power.

The handle contains an Allen wrench for replacing the blade. Raise the blade lock lever and plunge the saw until it is properly secured. To remove the blade, turn the screw counterclockwise. Before tightening the locking washer clockwise, place the new blade on the arbor. Close the blade lock lever to return the saw to its original position.

For a step by step guide on how to change the blade easily and fast, please check out my article How to Change the Blade on a Festool Ts55 (Quick & Easy Guide).

Other security functions of the Festool plunge saw ts 55 febq-plus

The Festool is equipped with a quick brake. If something happens, the TS 55 immediately turns off. Safety when working with a saw is very important. Festool has carefully thought about this by, among other things, implementing a guide cam. This allows you to safely switch on your device in an existing joint, without the saw blade getting stuck. When you plunge the saw, you can see that there’s a spring-loaded riving knife at the back of the blade that comes down smoothly. This prevents kickback, and the extraction ensures that the splinters and chips do not fly in all directions. This is limited and so you prevent injury.

Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review - Spring loaded riving knife
Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review – Spring loaded riving knife


I had previously used this fantastic tool before purchasing this track saw. That aided me in selecting the tracks I required. Because of that, I want those tracks to be as long as possible, and I explain why.

I’m not a fan of linking the rails. Even when using the official Festool connectors on both the top and bottom of the tracks, the tracks do not appear to line up, and the track saw can become stuck.

The tracks come in a variety of lengths, and I began with the 1400 mm and 2700 mm options. (Check the prices on Amazon here for the FS1400/2-LR32 and the FS2700/2).
I can use these to cut a sheet of plywood in both length and width or ripping longer pieces of wood.

Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review – The tracks I bought

The rails are made of aluminum and have a guide bar on which the saw rides. The two green strips at the top reduce friction and let the saw slide easily, while the two foam strips at the bottom increase friction on the workpiece. Clamps can be placed in the bottom groove of the track. By clamping it to the workbench, you are sure that it stays in place. To know more about clamping the track, I suggest you check out my article Do You Need to Clamp a Track Saw? a Clear Guide

The track also includes a replaceable splinter guard that must be cut to size with the Festool track saw before using it the first time. When you have cut it to size, this will serve as a reference and prevents splintering on the inside of the cut.

I bought the FS1400/2 -LR32. As you can see in the picture below, there are holes in this 1400 mm track. These are all 32 mm apart, and I bought this type of track so that I can later use it with the LR32 system. I will be reviewing this system soon. Later, I’ll upload articles and videos showing how I’ll use this system to build new cabinets, a miter saw station, and a workbench for my workshop. So keep following me if you don’t want to miss out.

Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review - The holes are 32 mm apart
Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review – The holes are 32 mm apart

Testing the Festool TS 55 track saw

The cut quality is excellent. That was already something I was aware of, and it was critical to me when selecting a track saw for the job.

For this test, I made a crosscut on a piece of birch plywood. Splinters are normally possible with this type of cut, but there were none to be found.

Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review - No splinters when making a cut
Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review – No splinters when making a cut

The next test was a miter joint. This cut was no problem for the saw, and as you can see, it turned out quite well.

Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review - Perfect 45 degree miter cuts
Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review – Perfect 45 degree miter cuts

Festool TS 55 Fan Edition

When you buy the Festool TS 55 fan edition, it comes with a few extras. I’m not sure if this is available in all countries, but it was in Belgium. This fan edition cost the same as the regular edition, but it included the Festool tape measure and the pica marker Festool edition.

Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review - Extras that comes with the fan edition
Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review – Extras that comes with the fan edition

The tape measure appears to be very solid, with a clearly readable tape measure, two handy release buttons, and a hook I’ve never seen before.

The pica marker is nothing new to me, as it has been my favorite marking tool for years. But I’m happy to have a new one now.

Pros and cons of the Festool TS 55 Febq-Plus

To give you an impression of the advantages and disadvantages of the Festool ts 55 febq-plus, I will go into it more specifically here. These could be reasons for you to buy or not to buy this plunge-cut saw. The plunge saw is easy to use and pleasant to work with. You can work very accurately with this saw. The saw can be used by both active DIYers and professionals.

The biggest advantages of the Festool plunge cut saw ts 55 febq-plus are the safety functions and the possibilities of precision work with a short distance to the wall (12 mm). You don’t have many disadvantages with this Festool tool, except perhaps the price. If you want a good tool with many functions, the Festool ts 55 is suitable for all your jobs in the long term. If you don’t need the functions, you could switch to a cheaper version that doesn’t give all your jobs a good finish.


– Plug-it cable (replaceable power cord)
– Systainer with T-LOC
– The All-Inclusive Guarantee
– Very good build quality
– Very ergonomic, works very nicely
– Very intuitive and user-friendly
– Very accurate cuts
– Supplied with a good saw blade


– The price
– Vacuum cleaning system is not for every vacuum cleaner
– 1 saw blade
– Machine ‘falls over’ when sawing 45 degrees miter
– Screw clamp of rear angle adjustment is slightly more difficult to reach

Pro Tip

The great thing about track saws is that they can be expanded with all kinds of accessories to make this powerful tool even better. To inspire you I wrote my guide 10 Must-Have Track Saw Accessories to Enhance Your Cutting Experience. Be sure to visit this article and browse through the many options to make your track saw even better.

Festool TS 55 FEBQ Advantages

Plug-it cable (replaceable power cord)

This plug-it cable is a power cord that can be connected to practically all Festool power tools. So you can easily switch between different tools. Replacing your circular saw is also done in no time.

Systainer with T-LOC

You can easily store your plunge-cut saw in this storage box. This means you have everything in the box so that you can use it again immediately.

The All-Inclusive Guarantee

The tool is covered by a one-year warranty. When you sign up via the website, you get an all-inclusive guarantee. After that, your tools will be covered by a 3-year warranty. You no longer have to worry about your tools being damaged. After registering on Festool.nl, the service provides a 36-month repair, cost protection, and theft guarantee. Replacement parts are available for ten years, and a 15-day return policy is in place.

If there are repairs to your Festool tools, they guarantee a repair service of 48 hours. That means that you don’t have to miss your tool for long because they ensure that it is repaired in that 48-hour service. Save your high repair bills by registering after purchase to be covered for those costs, and that includes wearing parts. Special features of the Festool ts 55 febq-plus are the splinter guard, fast fix, play adjustment without tools, and quick brake.

After purchasing your plunge saw, it is a matter of signing up on the Festool site and registering. You get a 36-month warranty on all repair costs of your Festool tools. In the 36 months, you are insured against theft. This means that you must be registered on the Festool website. If your Festool machine is stolen during that 36-month warranty, it will be replaced by the same machine at a small deductible. Buying without risk is very nice.

If you are not satisfied with the Festool TS 55 febq-plus, you can return it within 15 days, and you will receive your purchase amount immediately. You get the Festool spare parts warranty of 10 years after registration. Festool will provide you with a replacement part for at least 10 years after purchase, if needed.

The build quality

It is clear that Festool uses high-quality, durable materials. This ensures that if you take good care of it, it will last a long time.

Very ergonomic and functional.

The machine operates automatically. You never feel compelled to put your hands in a difficult situation that will keep you going for longer. The TS 55 glides along the tracks very smoothly, making it a pleasure to work with.

Very intuitive and user-friendly

You can clearly see that they have thought it through carefully at Festool. Not only when designing the TS 55, but also the entire Festool system is cleverly put together. For example, I can now use the Tracks in combination with The LR 32 system and my router when making cabinets.

Very accurate cuts

Because the Festool ts 55 has a relatively deep saw cut of 55 mm, you can saw well with it. So you can also do the more difficult jobs and you don’t have to buy a new plunge saw with a deeper cutting depth.

The cuts are very accurate and the best I’ve seen in my career. I would never want to pay less for a tool on which I have to compromise on accuracy afterward. This is the main reason why I think the Festool FS 55 is worth the money for woodworkers.

Supplied with a good saw blade

The saw blade (HW fine-toothed saw blade W48) is of good quality and gives clean cuts without tearing out. So you can make nice clean cuts without having to touch up afterward.

Festool TS 55 FEBQ DisAdvantages

The price

The Festool plunge saw ts 55 febq-plus is an expensive professional tool. If you have jobs that do not require all of these functions, you could choose a less expensive option. If you want to deliver craftsmanship, this functional plunge-cut saw with its many functions is a must-have.

Vacuum system

This tool cannot be used with any standard vacuum cleaner. The connection has a diameter of 27/38 mm. To determine whether your vacuum cleaner will fit, double-check the mm measurement.

1 saw blade

A saw blade is included with the Festool plunge saw ts 55 febq-plus (HW fine-toothed saw blade W48). This should not be an issue because thanks to the strong carbide tipped teeth, the saw blade will last a long time. As a result, changing your saw blade is not a quick task. Saw blades can be purchased at any time.

Tool ‘falls over’ at 45 degrees miter cut

When you tilt the FS 55 to make 45-degree miter cuts, the largest weight will overhang, causing the saw to tend to tip over. You must be attentive to this and provide the necessary resistance so that the saw stays on the track. You can do this with only a slight counter pressure, so this is certainly not very annoying.

The screw clamp of the rear angle adjustment is slightly more difficult to reach

The screw clamp for the angle adjustment at the back is located under the dust extraction and is therefore slightly more difficult to reach, but with a little fine finger work, this is still quite easy to do. The machine is made very compact which has many advantages and if this is the only point that has to be handed in then I will gladly take it in.

Things I would do differently

What I would do differently is instead of buying the 2700 mm track, is buying the longest possible track with the holes in it, as I have in the 1400 mm track. That will be the LR2424/2-LR32. The link will bring you to the Amazon page where you can check this track out.
With that track, I can use The LR32 system on longer pieces of wood without having to move it and make mistakes. This Festool is worth the money in my opinion, but that is something that each person must decide for themselves.

You can also buy a replaceable splinter guard strip immediately with your purchase. If for any reason you have damaged the strip on your track, you immediately have a spare strip available.

Who is the Festool ts 55 Febq-plus suitable for?

Whether you’re a regular handyman, hobby woodworker, or a craftsman, the Festool ts 55 febq plunge-cut saw will be the perfect tool for your projects. You can do all your DIY jobs with this plunge-cut saw, or take it with you on the jobsite because of its portability. The sawing work you want to do will always be accurate, and you’ll have it done in no time.

Festool TS 55 fEBQ track saw

Festool 576708 TS 55 FEQ Plunge Cut Circular Saw in

Festool FS 1400/2-LR32 rail

Festool FS1400/2-LR32-55"(1400 mm)Guide Rail with holes For Drilling. Model-496939
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