The Best Grr-Ripper Review to Help You Make Up Your Mind

In my article, What Is The Best Push Block (Best Price/Quality) you could already read that the GRR-Ripper 3D push block was my favorite choice. To be able to offer you more information about this push block, there is therefore this GRR-Ripper review.

After reading this GRR-Ripper review, you should know more about what this push block can do for you and your workshop, and how this awesome tool can make you enjoy your hobby (or job) in a safer way.

No matter what you want to use the Gripper push block for, be it on your table saw, router table, band saws, or any other tool in your workshop, they are all extremely dangerous tools where the push block can increase your safety.

Micro-Jig, the manufacturer of the GRR-Ripper aims to take tool safety to the next level without major purchases. In this GRR ripper review, we take a look at their take on a push block that offers a slew of utilities and unique features that you didn’t even know could improve your store.

GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock for Table Saws, Router Tables, Band Saws, and Jointers by MICROJIG

Check out more details and prices of this product by clicking the link below.

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3 reasons why you need to use a push block

When you think of using a push block to work on one of those dangerous tools in your workshop, you automatically think of increasing your safety. That’s correct, but a push block can do more than that.

In addition to a reduced risk of cuts, there is also a reduction in the risk of kickback and making better cuts.

In my article, Here’s Why You Should Use A Push Block (3 Reasons), I detail this. It is worth reading this article after reading this GRR-Ripper review to better understand the benefits of this great tool. Moreover, in this article, you will discover how to get started with a push block in the right way.

GRR-Ripper review

Who makes the GRR-Ripper?

Micro Jig, founded by Henry Wang, manufactures the GRR-Ripper 3D push block. Henry was a woodworker who was always looking for ways to improve time-consuming and labor-intensive processes.

Henry cut thin strips of wood at some point and realized that current methods could be improved. As a result, the GRR-Ripper was created. After numerous design changes, Henry founded Micro Jig in 2001 and began marketing the GRR-Ripper in specialty woodworking stores.

Micro Jig is now a company that manufactures its tools in the United States. They provide a wide range of molds and tools that are aimed squarely at ensuring store safety and efficiency. Without a doubt, the GRR-Ripper is the company’s mainstay. In the woodworking world, the GRR-Ripper has become a household name as a premium way to protect yourself from injury.

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GRR-Ripper review – First impressions

To kick off this GRR-Ripper review, let’s take a look at the Micro Jig 3D push block. We’ll get into more specifics later in this article.

The GRR-Ripper is essentially a three-dimensional push stick. This means that it can use downward pressure to prevent kickback, sideways pressure to keep the workpiece against the fence, and forward pressure to push the wood through the saw blade, planer, or router bit while controlling both the good bit and the off cut.

This Gripper push block resembles a three-footed push pad. A conventional push pad or push stick’s entire pad will normally pass to one side of the blade.

You can make a thin rip by passing a push stick between the blade and the fence, but this is risky because you have little control. You can also reposition the fence and cut the opposite side of the workpiece. This method is safer, but it is inconvenient and potentially inaccurate because the fence must be repositioned after each cut.

The GRR-Ripper can help us with this because it has two fixed feet on each edge and an adjustable foot in the middle that can be positioned so that it does not strike the blade when cutting.

Each foot has a non-slip, grippy foot that securely holds the workpiece when pushing it through the blade. The saw blade can pass through the middle of the GRR-Ripper thanks to the independent feet, which hold both the good piece and the offcut.

The GRR-Ripper can make rips as narrow as 6 mm (1/4″) due to the narrowness of the right foot. The 3 mm (1/8″) leg accessory is an optional extra that allows you to make cuts as narrow as 3 mm (1/8″). This would be extremely difficult with traditional push sticks but extremely simple with the GRR-Ripper.

The balance support is another feature of the GRR-Ripper. This simulates the support provided by larger workpieces. Simply lower the GRR-Ripper onto your workpiece, adjust the balance support so it is flush with the table, and tighten the adjusters.

To push the workpiece through the blade, you may require some additional support behind the workpiece in addition to the green grippy material on the base of the GRR-Ripper, in which case you can use the detachable push attachment.

GRR-Ripper review – More details

In this part of the GRR-Ripper review we will take a closer look at this tool.
The GRR-Ripper Advanced comes with three legs as well as two extra accessories, a stabilizing plate and an adjustable spacer. The GRR-Ripper shields your hands from saw blades, planer knives, and router bits, providing extra protection right where you need it.

Look at the bottom of this 3D push block to see the signature green non-slip material for ultimate control over your workpiece, which is always on the underside of the three legs.

The Best Grr-Ripper Review - GRR-Ripper bottom
The Best Grr-Ripper Review – GRR-Ripper bottom

The GRR-three Ripper’s legs are fully adjustable and can be adapted to any woodworking application.

There is also an adjustable handle on top for increased user comfort and control.

The Stabilizing Plate makes more contact with your fence, allowing for more stability and keeping your work level. This feature improves cutting precision by keeping your work square to the fence.

The adjustable spacer provides additional gripping surface as well as an additional inch of cutting capacity, allowing for wider cuts.

The Gripper Ripper Leg is a fantastic addition to an already useful tool. This accessory attaches directly to your GRR-Ripper and allows you to cut 3mm (1/8″) thick strips of additional length. It can be dangerous to cut thin strips, but with this accessory, it is simple and safe.

GRR-Ripper The Gravity Heel Kit is a consumable that comes with 5 heels, two spacers, and all necessary hardware. The Gravity Heel Kit works with all GRR-Rippers.

The Best Grr-Ripper Review - Gravity heel kit
The Best Grr-Ripper Review – Gravity heel kit

The Gravity Heel is, in essence, a spring. The bead initially runs on top of the workpiece, but as it is adjusted, it sinks down onto the back of the workpiece, providing plenty of grip and reducing blowout.

This attachment provides incredible leverage for improved results during milling applications where tire blowouts are common.

The GRR-Ripper Handle Bridge Kit adds a second handle to improve workpiece contact and performance.

The Best Grr-Ripper Review - Handle bridge kit
The Best Grr-Ripper Review – Handle bridge kit

Additional contact points apply even pressure to the workpiece, allowing for greater control. Furthermore, the ability to install the handle at an angle improves accuracy and balance against the fence, as well as providing a more natural movement for the user, which increases comfort.

The GRR-Ripper Handle Bridge Kit includes a tow hook for holding the workpiece’s trailing end.

The deflector/connector comes next. As the name implies, this accessory serves two primary functions. When used as a deflector, it provides an additional layer of protection against sawdust and dirt generated during use. Furthermore, an additional layer is placed between you and your power tool.

The Best Grr-Ripper Review - Deflector:Connector
The Best Grr-Ripper Review – Deflector/Connector

The deflector/connector accessory, when used as a connector, allows you to attach two GRR-Rippers for working with longer workpieces.

For whom is the GRR-Ripper 3D Push block?

As a result of the GRR-Ripper review, you now have a better understanding of what this tool contains and can ask yourself, “Is this Gripper push block really something for me, or is it overkill?”

Simply put, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned woodworker, the GRR-Ripper is a tool for everyone. You’ll appreciate the ability to make more complex cuts on a table saw without wasting wood or putting your fingers in danger. This push block is also suitable for use with other tools, such as a router table or a band saw. By using the same tool, you will be able to maintain an incredible grip on your workpiece without putting your fingers at risk.

There is no doubt about what this tool can offer a homeowner or hobbyist. Tools like a table saw can be intimidating when you’re just starting out, and for good reason. The GRR-Ripper provides ideal gripping power for these users and boosts their confidence as they hone their skills.

What is the value of the GRR-Ripper?

The GRR-Ripper is not cheap, but it is well worth the money in my opinion. Consider this: is the cost of this tool worth losing a finger or suffering a serious injury while working with one of those dangerous tools in your workshop?

An injury, I don’t believe, has a monetary value. There is the pain and suffering, as well as the loss of time and the time it takes to recover, if you will ever be able to return to work at all. I’m sure you don’t have to think twice about the GRR-Ripper’s worth.

In my opinion, the additional stabilization plate and spacer that come with the advanced version are worth the price increase over the original GRR-Ripper. The advantage here is that the extra parts can be purchased separately, so if you start with a basic model, you can always expand.

GRR-Ripper review – Conclusion

As you could see in this GRR-Ripper review, this tool is unquestionably useful in the workshop. In addition, I recommend that you keep an eye out for other Micro Jig products. Their products are all well-thought-out for each function. Their products are also made of high-quality materials and function properly. The GRR-Ripper, in my opinion, is exceptional and cannot be compared to any other type of push block.

Working with power tools requires extreme caution. Furthermore, the GRR-Ripper aids in improved cutting quality on both the table saw router table and planer due to the stability provided by the Micro Jig. This tool is highly recommended, and if you value your fingers, you should buy it today rather than tomorrow. Below, there’s a link to Amazon, where you can check the price.

GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock for Table Saws, Router Tables, Band Saws, and Jointers by MICROJIG

Check out more details and prices of this product by clicking the link below.

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