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In this article, I will explain:

What's this all about and who is it for?

There is a saying that goes that a man is only as good as the tools he chooses to use. 

This declaration is particularly true. Besides skill, your craftsmanship is basically decided through the gear you use. When you don’t realize a way to pick out the proper gear, you’ve got a bigger problem in your hands. 

Being a woodworker for the past years, it is now safe for me to say that I have seen a lot and done almost all.  

Starting out was quite hard for me. I wished I had a guide who helped me every step of the way to set up a workshop, but I wasn’t lucky. I had to learn the hard way, making numerous mistakes in the process that cost me a bunch of money while setting up and growing my workshop.  

But then came the big turnaround. I came into contact with The ultimate small shop through a recommendation.

When I first bought and read Ralph’s guide, I really wished I had this book 10 years ago. 
You can find this guide here. 

Here’s why: 

One of the biggest mistakes I made before I knew about the ultimate small shop was overspending on tools. 

Once, I was buying bad tools, and other times I ended up overspending on tools I really didn’t need. 

You can’t blame me though; anyone searching for good quality tools on a budget knows that the experience is like walking on a minefield. This is because there are a lot of factors you need to consider. 

Buying tools that are simply bad afterward is a heartbreaking experience because you don’t lose money, but also your precious time. It gets worse if you go through the experience multiple times. I almost give up and quit this hobby.

Just as I had mentioned earlier, when I started out a few years ago I wished I had someone to guide me when I set up a workshop. I know there are numerous other hobby or professional woodworkers who are in a similar situation right now.

Why you should really check out ultimate small shop

Here’s why I highly recommend Ultimate Small Shop to anyone who set up a workshop or want to improve an existing workshop.

The main reason why Ralph, the author, created this guide is to help people to set up a workshop that is fully functional on a budget.
And it clearly shows in the book, the ultimate small shop.

There are dozens of guides out there on how to set up a workshop but most of them don’t focus on budget, which is in my opinion one of the most important factors.
Let’s face it, not everybody has an endless budget to set up a workshop with all the luxury most of those guides show you, neither am I.

The tips and advice in this book are useful and very practical to set up a workshop on a budget.
In this guide, Ralph includes all the lessons he has learned the hard way. His major goal is to save you from the trial-and-error process of setting up a workshop.
Thus, you will no longer have to make big mistakes or waste any more money buying the wrong tools.

What you can expect to find in the ultimate small shop

The ultimate small shop guide contains different modules:

  • Tool Selection

    A lot of woodworkers lose a bunch of money during tool selection. The guide will let you see how to determine the tools you need before you start buying them. It also contains a hand-tool and power tool shopping list, and a shortlist of the most important pneumatic, portable, and stationary tools. As an extra, you will see where to get all these tools at discounted prices. You will also get to know how to keep your tools in top condition.

  • Space Selection

    In this guide, you can discover the possible home workshop spaces plus different layouts. You will also get inspiration on how to divide your home workshop into different areas.

  • Electricity, Lighting, and Soundproofing

    Through this guide, you will know everything about electricity and lighting in a workshop including different layouts and costs. You’ll also be informed on how to soundproof your woodworking shop by up to 70 percent for under $500.

  • You will discover all about Cooling, Heating, and Ventilation

    But also, how to deal with dust in your workshop. Safety tips are included as well.

I can guarantee this guide is perfect if you want to learn how to set up a fully stocked functional workshop. It doesn’t matter how much space and budget you have.

Free e-book 7 deadly mistakes when setting up shop

The 7 deadly mistakes woodworkers make setting up shop

A free giveaway guide, written by the author of the ultimate small shop, Ralph.
This free guide introduces you to 7 deadly mistakes you can make when you set up a workshop.