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Is Festool Worth It? the Essential Info You’re Looking For

Festool is known for its quality, but unfortunately, it also comes with a higher price tag. Maybe, that price may make you doubt. Is Festool worth it, paying a higher price for it?

Personally, I think Festool is worth the money because of the 5 reasons that I go into more detail about in this article. These reasons are accuracy, dust extraction, sustainability, the genius Festool system, and the warranty.

Because of these reasons, I’m convinced to switch to this brand for my woodworking shop. Discover all about it in this article, and maybe these reasons can make you think about switching to Festool and benefit in the longer term.


I’m in no way sponsored by Festool, so anything I say about this brand is complete of my own free will.

The problems I had with cheap tools

I had a very limited budget when I first started woodworking. That’s why I went to a nearby store and bypassed the well-known brands in order to find the less expensive tools. I had no idea these tools would have such an effect on the result (and my mood).

In addition to the poor results, these cheap tools caused numerous problems that kept me constantly busy with repairs. In some cases, tools died after only a few uses, allowing me to return to my budget and end up paying more than if I had suddenly purchased a quality tool.

So, from now on, I’m done with it and will stop buying cheap tools in favor of better-quality tools that will last longer. After much deliberation, I am completely convinced to switch to Festool, and I will explain why in detail in this article.

Why I’m switching to Festool

I’ve been struggling with low-quality tools for a while than I should have, and these tools kept me from taking woodworking one step further. After so many years, I have come to realize that quality tools could make all the difference.

In addition to a better and higher level of finish, qualitative tools will also bring you other benefits. Eventually, you will be able to work without having to worry about the tools falling out or dying. In addition to a lot of time loss, tools that are out of order also cause enormous frustrations, which in turn has an indirect effect on quality.

A quality tool will also save you time, and you will be able to finish projects faster. The complete Festool system, where switching between machines is super easy, was the deciding factor for me to choose Festool from now on. I’ll tell you all about why I’m switching to Festool in the video below.

Is Festool Worth the money?

OK, I know that as a novice woodworker you don’t have the biggest budget, and you also need to figure out which tools are most important to you. If you then look at Festool’s prices, you will be shocked. So, is Festool worth the money?

In my opinion, Festool is worth the money. Working more accurately and faster will ensure that the additional price you paid will quickly recoup. The quality of the tools will also ensure that they will last longer so that you can postpone new purchases. So you have to look at the more expensive price in the longer term. Then you will see that the high price will actually become a lower price than when you buy cheaper tools.

That is why I chose Festool after many years of comparison. And for that, I have five main reasons that I will share with you below.

Is Festool worth it? 5 reasons!

is Festool worth it? Reason #1: Accuracy

The first reason I switched to Festool is accuracy. When I first used the TS55 track saw, I was astounded by how accurate it is. The settings for bringing the saw blade into the proper position were also very precise. There was a significant difference between this and the circular saw in my workshop.

That precision will keep me from having to throw away pieces of wood and start over in the future. That’s a shame, not only for the expensive wood, but also for my valuable time, not to mention the frustration I experienced while working with my circular saw.

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is Festool worth it? Reason #2: Dust extraction

Festool is known for its dust extraction. If you read about this on the internet, you will hear a few complaints about it. In addition, the dust extraction system is designed in such a way that you can switch between tools in no time at all.

Personally, I find their auto function very useful and the newer models also have a Bluetooth function that allows you to switch on the vacuum cleaner remotely with wireless tools.

Dust extraction is an important thing in woodworking. Airborne dust will cause long-term damage to your lungs and reduce your quality of life and longevity. If you want to know more about dust control, I suggest you read my article, How To Deal With Dust In A Woodworking Workshop | 5 Effective Ways

is Festool worth it? Reason #3: Sustainability

Festool tools last longer, and I experience that almost every day. About 20 years ago, my brother bought a Festool sander and a vacuum cleaner, which I have been able to use for the last few years. After 20 years, these tools still work exactly as they were new. So if you are in doubt about the high price, you know that with another brand, you could have bought 2 or more tools in this time frame.

Is Festool worth it? - 20 Year old vacuum cleaner
Is Festool worth it? – 20 Year old vacuum cleaner

is Festool worth it? Reason #4: The Festool system

All Festool tools communicate easily with one another, resulting in a more efficient workshop workflow. If you spend a lot of time on construction sites, these systainers are far more thoughtful than those of other brands. T-locks allow you to stack boxes securely while still being able to open them without disassembling them. Genius!

My favorite feature is the detachable extension cord. You can quickly switch between tools with a single click. The workshop remains clean and secure because only one cable is required. As a result, there will be fewer tangled cables on the ground, which reduces the risk of injury and tripping.

is Festool worth it? Reason #5: Warranty

Festool offers a ten-year warranty. No other brand, as far as I know, would dare to do this, so Festool must be confident in its quality. That alone gives me a lot of faith. I’ve also heard that if a defect does occur, it will be resolved quickly and you will be able to return to work.

Is Festool worth it? - 10 Year Warranty
Is Festool worth it? – 10 Year Warranty

Is Festool worth it? Conclusion

If you’re asking yourself, is Festool worth it, my answer to that is, yes! The 5 reasons why I switched to Festool are just the most important reasons in my view. Once you have worked with these tools, you are guaranteed to find additional benefits that may apply to you.

I now prefer to invest my budget in Festool because I am sure that I can rely on these tools, work well with them and get the result I have in mind. I am convinced that Festool will add value to my workshop.

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