Is It Worth Sharpening Table Saw Blades? A clear answer

When you recognize dull table saw blades, you want them to be replaced as quickly as possible! They can ruin your workpiece or become a potential hazard. You can replace them or choose the option to sharpen them, but, Is It worth sharpening table saw blades?

Well, it is worth sharpening table saw blades as long as the costs are lower than half the price to replace the blade, and the blade is in good condition. Generally, you can say that saw blades over €50 (about $50) or more are worth sharpening. Below that price, it is better to replace them.

Sharp saw blades will reduce wastage and save you money in the long run. The only downside is that you need experience and specialized tools for this. That is what you are about to discover in this article, so you can find a personalized answer to your question, is it worth sharpening table saw blades?
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How Do I Know My Table Saw Blade Is Dull?

Before you start sharpening table saw blades, it is good to be able to estimate perfectly when a saw blade is dull, and it is time to sharpen it. Re-sharpening too early would ensure that the saw blade is used up faster, and you would lose money.
You can tell when your saw blade needs to be sharpened and when it has become dull by looking for a few telltale signs. I’ll list these attributes briefly for you.

  • The blade cuts slower than usual
  • There is more resistance which tends to seize the saw blade
  • The blade will cause more tear out
  • It’s getting harder and harder to follow a line
  • The noise from the saw and saw blade increases.
  • The blade will produce burn marks on the wood and may begin to smoke.

Is It Worth Sharpening Table Saw Blades?

In my opinion, the answer is not always yes. If the price of re-sharpening is higher than half the price of a new blade, it’s better to replace it.
With cheaper saw blades, there is a good chance that it is not worth sharpening them at all. You can say that it becomes less profitable to sharpen circular saw blades that cost less than €50 (about $50).
If you buy lower-quality blades, throw them away as soon as they no longer cut cleanly.

To find the best blade for your table saw, I have made this table saw blade guide. You will discover all you need to know about the differences in table saws so you can learn how to pick the right table saw over an over again.

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How Much Does It Cost to Sharpen a Table Saw Blade?

You have two options for sharpening the blade: either do it yourself (I’ll get to that in a while), or hire a pro. The price of this is determined by a number of elements, including the saw blade’s quality, the material used to make the teeth, and the density of teeth per inch (TPI),

For each tooth that needs to be sharpened, a saw blade will cost between 25 and 50 cents to be sharpened. The saw blade will continue to cut for this amount just like new.

However, the cost can be slightly greater because specialized sharpening equipment is needed to sharpen circular saw blades with a carbide tip.

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Keep in Mind That Sharpening Table Saw Blades Can Fail

Sharpen saw blades is a meticulous job. It has to be done right, otherwise, there is a risk that the blade will not cut properly or will make even worse cuts than before and screw up your work.
This ensures that you will throw away a lot of money instead of saving money.

If you are not familiar on how to sharpen circular saw blades, first practice on an old saw blade that you would throw away anyway. When you get better, you can switch to the saw blades you use daily.

How Many Times Can You Sharpen a Table Saw Blade?

As long as the blade is still in good shape and has no damage, a high-quality carbide blade can be sharpened up to 3 or 4 times.

After three or four grindings, the tooth is sharp enough to allow the carbide tip to thin out and degrade more quickly. It is preferable to change the blade now. As a result, if one or more teeth fall off, your workpiece won’t be harmed or you won’t get wounded.

Pro Tip

When operating with a saw table or crosscut saw, little pieces may fly out. Ensure your safety by putting on the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). You can use this article to establish the bare minimum PPE your workshop needs to have in order to keep you safe.

What Tools Do You Need to Sharpen Saw Blades?

To sharpen circular saw blades, you can bring it to professionals, but you can also save money and a lot of time by sharpening your saw blade yourself. For that you need a specialized grinding tool and an adjusted diamond stone. However, as I have said earlier in this article, keep in mind that this is not an easy task and that you will need to practice.

Because saw blades have hard carbide tips, it is only possible to sharpen table saw blades with diamond wheels with a very fine grain. I know that it is also claimed online that you can use other discs for this, but believe me, they can never guarantee the quality of the diamond disc. Always make sure that you use a diamond wheel that is suitable for sharpening. I give you an example below that you can view on Amazon.

Circular Saw Blade Grinder Replacement Grinding Wheel

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You need a tool to drive the diamond disc in addition to that. The best option is to select one of the specialized grinding machines listed below. Alternately, you might use an angle grinder to create your own grinder. Watch my website and YouTube channel for updates as I eventually hope to build this myself.

Mophorn Water Injection Grinding Grinder Machine 125MM 370W, Circular Saw Blade Sharpener Machine

Check out more details and prices of this product by clicking the link below.

Can You Sharpen Saw Blades by Hand?

You can sharpen circular saw blades by hand. For this, you need a good file and above all a lot of patience. Sharpen table saw blades by hand is a very slow process, and you will have to put in a lot of effort.

On the other hand, the purchase of a good file is many times cheaper than the purchase of a special grinder. So if you have the time to do this job manually, and you also want to save on your budget, then this is definitely worth a try.

What you can also do to save on your budget, is to check out my article, What Can You Do To Save Money As A Woodworker? (7 Effective Ways).

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I hope this article has given you a clear insight into sharpening table saw blades and that this blog inspires you.

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