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The articles in here provide clear and straightforward information about router bits. In this subcategory you’ll discover all you need to know about them, like how to pick the right one for your project and how to use them correctly.

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5 most important must-have router bits for DIYers _ Best buy guide

5 Most Important Must-Have Router Bits For DIYers | Best Buy Guide

Okay, you’ve bought a router (or plan on getting one soon) and you want to know which are the most important router bits you should have. If you look around you will soon notice that there are hundreds of different sizes and styles of router bits available …

Router bit problems

Why Is My Router Bit Burning the Wood (+ 3 Simple Fixes) - Thumbnail

Why Is My Router Bit Burning The Wood? (+ 3 Simple Fixes)

Router bit burning marks can be quite frustrating, especially if your project is nearly completed. If you want to stop the router bit from leaving black marks on your routed edges, there are some simple actions you can take.