Take a
look into
my toolbox.

Peek inside and see the (power) tools, products, camera gear,
and many other things I use to build all my stuff.
Where others keep this a secret, I share it all with you
so you can do the exact same thing I do.

My workshop (power) tools

My hand tools: in this list, you will find all the hand tools I use in my workshop.
My power tools: Here you can see a list of all the power tools I have in my workshop.
Power tool supplies: With these supplies, I can get the best out of my power tools.
Safety products: These products protect me while working in my workshop.
The products I use: A list of the products I use on a daily basis to glue, sand, …

My YouTube/website tools

Camera gear: This list contains all the gear I use to film my YouTube videos.
Siteground website hosting: The best hosting company I have used so far!
Davinci resolve: The free editing software I use to edit all my videos.

The courses I took

The ultimate small workshop: The course that saved me time and money setting up a workshop.
Online marketing classroom: This course helped me in setting up an online business step by step. If you want to make an extra income by selling the stuff you make in your workshop, this is the course you need!
Woodprofits: Learn how to earn an extra income from woodworking.
Froknows: I had no idea how to use a camera. Thanks to this course, in no time I learned how to film and take pictures.
Recommended books: Lots of knowledge can be gathered from books. These are the ones I can recommend.

Digital tools

Sketchup: A free-to-download software I use to design all my projects.
Maxcut V2: Get the most out of a sheet of plywood with this free-to-download software.
The wood database: A website where you can find more info on all types of wood.