10 Must-Have Track Saw Accessories for Better Cutting Experience

Track saws are versatile and precise cutting tools that have become increasingly popular among woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. To get the most out of your track saw, it’s essential to have the right track saw accessories.

The 5 must-have track saw accessories that any woodworker needs in their workshop are the track saw guide rails, clamps, dust collection system, blades, and rail guide connectors. Above those, five more optional tools like the rail square, parallel guides, dust cover, hose protector, and cable clips will enhance your cutting experience.

If you want to up your game and generate better-quality cuts, take a look at how having the correct track saw accessories can elevate your woodworking accomplishments! Investing in the right equipment will make a tremendous difference to your workshop.

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5 Essential Track Saw Accessories: Must-Haves for Your Shop

Track Saw Guide Rail: The Foundation of Your Track Saw System

10 Must-Have Track Saw Accessories to Enhance Your Cutting Experience - Track Saw Guide Rail

Next to buying the perfect track saw, the track saw guide is the essential element of the system. Without it, your cutting with these power tools would be unreliable and inaccurate. This straight rail keeps your saw in line as you make cuts, giving you the precision you need.

How do I choose the right size of track saw guide rail?

If you mostly work with smaller pieces of wood, a shorter track guide may be sufficient. However, if you need to make longer cuts, you will need a longer guide. Most track saw manufacturers offer a range of rail lengths, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs. Learn how to choose the rails you need for your shop in my article What Track Saw Rail Length Do I Need for My Track Saw?

The Festool track rails I use in my workshop

Track Saw Clamps: The Track Saw Accessories to Secure Things in Place

10 Must-Have Track Saw Accessories to Enhance Your Cutting Experience - Track Saw Clamps

Track saw clamps are essential plunge saw accessories that help you secure your workpiece to the guide. These clamps ensure that your workpiece stays in place while you make your cut, which is crucial for achieving accurate and consistent cuts.

Can I use regular clamps with my track saw?

It is not recommended to use regular clamps with your track saw. These clamps can impede the saw’s operation and are unlikely to secure the workpiece adequately.

Track Saw Dust Collection System: Keep Your Workspace Clean

10 Must-Have Track Saw Accessories to Enhance Your Cutting Experience - Track Saw Dust Collection System

A track saw can create a great deal of sawdust that is untidy, and potentially hazardous to your wellbeing. Thus, a dust collection system is an indispensable accessory that maintains your work area neat and free from any dust and twigs.

The dust extracting system I use in my shop

I’m a big fan of Festool and the Festool track saw accessories because of its system. I always connect my Festool TS55 to my dust extractor with cyclone. This ensures me of maximal dust extraction in my shop. Check out Festool, In my opinion, it is worth the money.

Track Saw Blades: Choose the Right Blade for Your Project

10 Must-Have Track Saw Accessories to Enhance Your Cutting Experience - Track Saw Blades

Selecting the appropriate track saw blade is fundamental for securing smooth and exact cuts. The perfect blade will rely upon the material you are cutting, the kind of cut required, and the thickness of the material.

Can I use a regular circular saw blade with my track saw?

No, it is not possible to employ a conventional circular saw blade with your track saw. Track saw blades are specifically crafted to collaborate with plunge saws and they possess distinct track saw attributes that make them stand out from regular circular saw blades.

Rail Guide Connectors: Expand the Length of Your Track Saw Guide Rail

10 Must-Have Track Saw Accessories to Enhance Your Cutting Experience - Rail Guide Connectors

Rail guide connectors are optional plunge saw accessories that allow you to connect two or more rails together to create a longer rail. This is useful when you need to make longer cuts than your guide allows.

Are rail guide connectors really needed?

Rail guide connectors are not imperative, however these track saw attachments can prove beneficial if you must make extensive cuts. If long cuts are not necessary, it is possible that you may not require such track connectors.

Festool 577039 Guide Rail Connector

Check out more details and prices of this product by clicking the link below.

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5 Optional Track Saw Accessories: Enhance Your Cutting Experience

Track Saw Guide Rail Square: Ensure Precise 90-Degree Cuts

10 Must-Have Track Saw Accessories to Enhance Your Cutting Experience - Track Saw Guide Rail Square

A track rail square is an optional accessory that can help you achieve precise 90-degree cuts. This accessory attaches to your guide and ensures that your track saw cuts at a perfect 90-degree angle.

Can I use a speed square instead of a guide rail square?

A speed square can be used as a makeshift track rail square, but it may not be as accurate or reliable as a dedicated rail square. If you need to make precise 90-degree cuts, it is best to use a rail square.

Parallel Guides: Cut Multiple Pieces with Consistent Widths

10 Must-Have Track Saw Accessories to Enhance Your Cutting Experience - Parallel Guides

Parallel guides are an advantageous extra that enable you to cut numerous blocks of material with consistent measurements. These additions affix to your guide, guaranteeing that each cut is exactly the same as the earlier one.

How can parallel guides help me achieve consistent cuts for multiple pieces?

The parallel guides accessory guarantees that every cut you make is equal in size to the one before it, which is essential for precise measurements when cutting multiple pieces. This item can save time and enhance the accuracy of your cuts.

Dust Cover: Protect Your Track Saw from Dust and Debris

10 Must-Have Track Saw Accessories to Enhance Your Cutting Experience - Dust Cover

To safeguard your track saw from dust and debris, a dust cover is an ideal accessory. This covering easily fits over the saw and effectively hinders dust from entering the motor and other vital components.
Related article: Track Saw Dust Control: 7 Tips and Tricks for a Cleaner Workshop

Are there alternatives for the dust cover?

For effective and long-lasting protection from dust, using a dedicated dust cover is better than simply relying on a piece of painters tape to cover your track saw.

Hose Protector: Safeguard Your Dust Collection System from Wear and Tear

10 Must-Have Track Saw Accessories to Enhance Your Cutting Experience - Hose Protector

An optional hose protector is a great way to defend your dust collection system from any wear and tear. This convenient tool slips over the dust collection hose, shielding it from potentially dangerous sharp corners or abrasive surfaces.

How can a hose protector prevent damage to my dust collection system?

A durable hose protector safeguards your dust collection hose from harm caused by sharp edges or rough surfaces, potentially prolonging the life of your dust collection system and helping you save money in the longer term.

Festool 489022 Hose Protector

Check out more details and prices of this product by clicking the link below.

Cable Clips: Organize and Secure Your Power Cords and Hoses

10 Must-Have Track Saw Accessories to Enhance Your Cutting Experience - Cable clips

Cable clips are optional plunge saw accessories that help you organize and secure your power cords and hoses. These clips attach to your hose and ensure that your cords are always neatly organized.

What are the alternatives to cable clips?

You can use zip ties to organize your cords and hoses, but cable clips are a more convenient and versatile option.


If you are eager to refine your woodworking aptitude and elevate your track saw proficiency, investing in the suitable track saw attributes is key. With the appropriate tools, you can accomplish more accurate cuts and guarantee that your workshop remains safe and tidy. Now you can get started, you also need to know how to work safely. That is why you need to read my article 12 Track Saw Safety Tips You Have to Know next.

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