What are Euro Hinges: An easy & Complete Beginners Guide

If you want to use euro hinges in your upcoming project, it’s essential to know what are euro hinges and how they function. In this article, we’ll provide a thorough understanding of euro hinges – including what they are, their pros and cons, and the various types of overlay and swinging alternatives available.

For anyone considering revamping their cabinetry with european cabinet hinges, may it be an experienced DIYer or a beginner homeowner – this article is important as it contains all crucial information. So, make sure to read every word of this write-up carefully.

General Information about European Hinges

What are euro hinges

European Hinges, also known as cup hinges, are a type of hardware widely used in doors and cabinets. The reason for the name “euro” is due to their origin in Europe and their subsequently wide-spread popularity across the continent and other parts of the world.

Unlike alternative models, Euro hinges differ from its counterparts in terms of design and features; they have a cup-shaped recess cut into the reverse side of the cabinet unit, with a corresponding cylindrical barrel that fits perfectly into it. These are also concealed hinges.

What are Euro Hinges
Euro style hinge Source Blum

Overview of the design and features of euro hinges

Euro hinges offer an extensive range of door movement possibilities, including full overlay, half overlay, and inset applications. European door hinges are also popular for their strength and resilience as they’re typically composed of heavy-duty material such as stainless steel or brass.

Many of them also boast soft-close or snap-close features, thus allowing for a fluid yet firm closure on cabinet or door systems.

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Pros and Cons of European Style Hinges

Euro hinges have earned a reputation as a reliable, convenient, and versatile solution for homes and businesses worldwide. Yet, like any product, european cabinet hinges bring advantages as well as drawbacks. Now you know the answer to the question “what are euro hinges”, I will examine both the pros and cons of them to enable you to make an informed selection when choosing the perfect hinge for your needs.

Advantages of Using Euro Hinges

1. Easy to Install

The convenience of euro hinges is one of their most advantageous features. Quick and easy to install, even by novices with little or no DIY know-how, the cup-shaped recess and cylindrical barrel design enable a secure connection when attaching the hinge to cabinet doors. To install them, it is recommended to use Euro screws (discover all about euro screws in this article)

2. Easy to Adjust

Euro hinges provide unbeatable versatility due to their adjustable capabilities, offering seamless performance and the perfect level of support necessary for any cabinet doors. Not only are they an ideal option, but they offer incredible long-term use with minimal effort.

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3. Instant On and Off

Euro hinges offer an instant on and off setting, allowing for convenient and hassle-free door installation. Furthermore, the easy motion of european cabinet hinges contributes to a longer lifespan of the door or cabinet, ultimately lowering the need for maintenance or repairs.

Disadvantages of using European hinges

1 Cost

Euro hinges can have a higher price tag than other varieties, which might not be within everyone’s financial reach. Yet, their increased price is usually reflective of their high-quality and durability, making them a sensible purchase in the long term.

2 Appearance

Some people find the cup-shaped recess and cylindrical barrel design of euro hinges to be less aesthetically pleasing than other types of hinges. On the contrary, many appreciate the sleek and cohesive look of euro hinges, making it a favored option. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

3 Complexity

Installing euro hinges may appear straightforward, yet they present a higher level of complexity than other types. Accurate measurements for making a hinge cup hole and adjustments are essential for them to work correctly. If you lack the necessary knowledge, then employing a professional is recommended- this of course entails additional costs.

Some Things To Think About Before Buying Hinges

Do you need hinges for face frame or frameless cabinets

When selecting hinges, it is essential to take into account the kind of cupboard you possess. There are two fundamental types of cupboards – face frame and frameless. Knowing the distinctions between these approaches is critical when it comes to picking the correct hinges.

Face Frame Cabinets

Frame-face cabinets are constructed with a solid wooden frame around the perimeter of the cabinet box. This frame aids in providing structural stability and support for the unit, whilst the doors and drawers are secured directly to the frame instead of to the box itself.

What are Euro Hinges
Face frame cabinet

What are Euro Hinges for Face Frame Cabinets:

Euro hinges are the go-to selection for this type of cabinets given their adjustable nature and effortless setup. These hinges attach to the frame of the cabinet instead of its box, making them perfect for this type of construction. Installation is commonly straightforward, requiring nothing more than a mounting plate, that is smaller than the mounting plate for frameless hinges, affixed to the cabinet frame, with a cylindrical barrel sliding into a cup-shaped recess in the door.

Frameless Cabinets

Frameless cabinets are an attractive option for modern kitchens and bathrooms, as their design features no frame around the cabinet box. Instead, the box itself becomes the support structure with the doors and drawers attached directly to it, creating a slim and refined look.

What are Euro Hinges
Frameless cabinet

What are Euro Hinges for Frameless Cabinets:

Unlike frame hinges, euro hinges secure directly onto the cabinet box rather than to a frame, offering a neat appearance devoid of any visible hardware. This makes them ideal for achieving an unobtrusive aesthetic in frameless cabinets.

Euro hinges for frameless cabinets provide benefits like effortless adjustment, speedy installation, and dependable durability – making them an ideal choice for any homeowner or builder. Thanks to their straightforward mounting plate that attaches to the cabinet box, they are also exceptionally easy to install.

How far do you want your doors to open?

When selecting euro hinges, an essential point to consider is how open you would like your doors to be able to swing. This relates to the greatest distance a door can extend before striking something like another cabinet or the wall.

There is a range of cabinet hinges on the market, all of which have different opening angles. For example, some can be adjusted for a maximum of 170 degrees, whereas others are only able to open up 95 or 110 degrees.

The amount of clearance in your kitchen or bathroom will significantly impact how far you need your doors to open. If your space is restricted, opt for euro hinges that offer a minimal swing radius to ensure your doors do not conflict with other items in the room.

When deciding on the type of door overlay to use, it is important to be aware of the maximum opening distance that hinges will provide. For instance, full overlay hinges usually allow for a larger gap than do half overlay and inset hinges.

What are Euro Hinges
Opening angles – Source: Eurofit Direct

Snap-Close, Soft-Close or Free-Swinging?

When deciding on euro hinges for your cupboards, you should think about the kind of closure desired for the entryways. The main choices are snap-close, soft-close, and free-swinging types of hinges.

Snap-close hinges (also called self-close hinges) are designed to provide a secure and loud closure, with an audible click signifying the door is properly shut. They are ideal for those of us who demand complete closure when closing a door, especially when storing heavier items such as crockery in cabinets.

Soft-closing mechanism hinges offer gentle closure, making them perfect for those looking to keep the noise level in their home low and prevent potential damage to doors or cabinets. Ideal for installation in bedrooms, living rooms and other peaceful spaces, these types of hinges provide a convenient solution.

Traditional-style free-swinging hinges that move without resistance or the need of a door closure enable doors to be opened or closed with ease. They are especially suitable for spacious areas, like large kitchens or workshops, where ample space is available.

In addition to hinges, you should know that drawer slides can also be fitted with soft-close or self-close mechanisms. In my article Soft Close vs Self Close Drawer Slides: A Clear Comparison you will find all the information you need to make the right choices.

What type of door overlay will you use?

Selecting euro hinges for your cabinets requires taking into account the kind of door overlay you will use. Generally, there are three main types of door overlay: full overlay cabinet hinges, half overlay, and inset.

Full overlay hinges

Full overlay cabinet hinges offer a seamless appearance, giving contemporary and modern kitchens an uncluttered, streamlined look while providing ample storage space. Ideal for those seeking an up-to-date aesthetic, this hinge type creates a chic and stylish environment. This is also the hinge to make a concealed cabinet.

What are Euro Hinges
Full overlay hinge

Half Overlay hinges

Half overlay cabinet hinges (also called partial overlay hinges) are an appropriate choice for mounting two doors on each side of a panel. These hinges partially cover the cabinet frame, leaving only a small part exposed, making them ideal for country-style kitchens or other homes with classic designs.

What are Euro Hinges
Half overlay hinge

Inset hinges

Hinges that are inset are created for doors which rest within the cabinet’s frame rather than covering it. This kind of hinge is perfect for individuals who want a concealed hinge and is widely seen in customized and high-end cabinets.

What are Euro Hinges
Inset hinge

How Many Hinges to Use on Your Door

The amount of hinges necessary to hang your cabinet door varies depending upon the heaviness and dimensions of the door, as well as the kind of hinge employed.

As a standard, at least two hinges should be used for each door. Heavier or bulkier doors require three so that they stay firmly in place and don’t droop with time.

When deciding on how many hinges to use, the weight, size and frequency of use of the door should all be taken into account. For instance, if the door is particularly heavy or gets opened and closed often, it is recommended that three hinges are used in order to boost support and stability.

What are Euro Hinges – Conclusion

Ultimately, euro hinges are a favored choice because of their effortless installation, adjustable nature, and user-friendliness. In comparison to other forms of hinges, they offer many advantageous features that make them an excellent option for individuals who seek out convenience.

When selecting euro hinges for your cabinets, bear in mind the heaviness and measurements of the door, alongside how often it will be utilized. Generally, two hinges should be used for standard sized doors and three hinges for bigger or heavier ones.

Now you understand the basics of euro hinges, it is time to learn even more about them. That is why you should read my article 5 most used cabinet hinges you should know | a clear hinge guide next

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